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  1. spiz

    3.5mm jack sucks

    For some reason I never noticed this before, but the headphone jack in this phone is seriously flawed. None of my headphones, RCA cords, etc... will plug into it properly. They basically don't plug in all the way securely, thus making my music/movies sound like junk with audio going in and out...
  2. spiz

    Root Root + Eugene's Vibrant4 + Lag Fix = Amazing

    [UTIL] One Click Lag Fix - xda-developers + (Rom) Vibrant4 Eclair 2.1 flashable .zip * 8/8/2010* - xda-developers = Awesome. The phone is wicked snappy now. Everything opens and closes very fast compared to stock, and the market opens faster than I've ever seen on any phone. I...
  3. spiz

    [How-To] Custom Car Mount/Home Dock

    Samsung Vibrant Car Mount/Home Dock The total cost of this can vary, but it's still inexpensive. If you are like me and like sleek and not bulky, then this is for you. Disclaimer: You take full responsibility of anything you do to your phone listed in this guide. ** Note: The desk mounting...
  4. spiz

    Root [HOWTO] Root your Vibrant

    I don't see this posted in this section of the forums yet, so I thought I'd place it here. If you are interested in rooting your phone, please research and read as much information as possible. The more you know, the less chance you have of ruining your phone. Rooting is very simple and for...
  5. spiz

    720p Video Recording Question

    So I recorded some videos yesterday, assuming it would record in 720p by default. However when uploading to YouTube, it would only allow up to 480, not giving the option of 720p playback. Well today, I noticed different resolutions. Is 1280x720 the 720p resolution? If so, then I may have...
  6. spiz

    TouchWiz Questions

    Okay so I'm now using the 1.6 OEM thanks to the users in this community! But only for another few weeks before I ditch this phone. I'm planning on sticking with TWiz, and since I've never actually used it, I'm curious if anyone can help with some tips. 1. The icon shortcut layout is...
  7. spiz

    Galaxy S NYC Event - Engadget.com

    This may have been linked already over in the News section, but I thought this section of the forums deserves a little thread about the event going on right now in NYC. Samsung's American Galaxy S phones pose for family portrait -- Engadget I really like the looks of the entire line up...
  8. spiz

    Just bought the Slide? Galaxy S may be incoming.

    I posted this here: http://androidforums.com/t-mobile/94380-galaxy-s-possible-month.html#post887315 But for those who want to just talk in here... here is what I posted. ---- So this thing happening in June with the TMo stores opening early, yada yada... A Samsung rep who happens to...
  9. spiz

    Galaxy S possible this month?

    So this thing happening in June with the TMo stores opening early, yada yada... A Samsung rep who happens to be pretty high up the chain gave some subtle hints to return my Slide and wait patiently. When asked of a time frame, apparently August was too "cold", July was "getting warmer" and when...
  10. spiz

    BH_MAN - Please Join Me

    Are you going to get the MT3G Slide and if so, are you going to be working on rooting it? I suppose a lot of people will be getting this, and the XDA people will probably have a section devoted to it, but I've always liked your work. I am selling my BH2 tomorrow for $150 and am considering...
  11. spiz

    Samsung Abandoning Behold2 Owners - Petition

    Hello fellow Android users, I'm posting this here to get the word out through all available outlets. In case you aren't aware of the big issue going on, you can read about it here: Samsung Failing To Update Behold 2 As Promised? | TmoNews - Unofficial T-Mobile Blog - News, Videos, Articles...
  12. spiz

    Root Swype from Take5

    I'm hoping that someone can pull the Swype APK from Take5 if anyone that's using it knows how to do so. I went back to Galaxy simply because it's awesome, but the Swype I've always used is now giving me a "you must upgrade" error message and not allowing me to swype. Anyone that can help...
  13. spiz

    Root Custom Dialer - BH_MAN Galaxy 1.6 R8

    Hello everyone, I did some customizing to the dialer in BH_MAN's Galaxy 1.6 R8 ROM. I've never been a big fan of the circular buttons on that dialer, and I also adjusted the menu logos to match the font color. It's quite simplistic, but if you're like me and don't want those circular buttons...
  14. spiz

    Root 1.6 R8 - Black notification bar

    I'll try to update for Microhaxo as he comes out with revisions to the black notification bar. Microhaxo's latest black notification bar is located here: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service This now has a subtle glow behind the clock, which in my opinion, works...
  15. spiz

    BH_MAN - Question about a theme

    Is it possible to make my phone, which is currently on your 1.6 R7, look like this: [Theme] Darkstar V1.0.7r2 - Multi-Rom The cake is a Lie 03-22-10 - xda-developers Or would I be wasting my time reading about all of that?
  16. spiz

    Installing Advanced Launcher theme

    So I downloaded [Theme] Darkstar V1.0.7r2 - Multi-Rom The cake is a Lie 03-22-10 - xda-developers and am a little confused on how to install it. I have AdvancedLauncher installed. Now what to do with this downloaded zip file? It has two folders inside named "app" and "META-INF" Any help...
  17. spiz

    Root Galaxy 1.6 R7 - Trying to use AdvancedLauncher

    So I'm hoping someone can help here... Just like the title says, I'm using the Galaxy 1.6 R7 and I want to install Advanced Launcher. Well in doing so, I keep getting a FC cycle that never ends. Any idea why?
  18. spiz

    Root Factory Reset Question w/ 1.6 R7

    Hey BH_MAM, or anyone else that might know, I have a quick question (hopefully). I currently have 1.6 R7 installed and your new rooted kernel. My phone was being really laggy for some reason, so I decided to try a factory reset in case one of my apps was installed incorrectly. Well after...
  19. spiz

    Supported video formats on BH2

    I'm sorry if this is an easy find, but I'm having a hard time finding this information. Does anyone know what video formats are supported on our phones? I'm downloading AVI's, and wasn't sure if I could play it directly from the phone. Would be good to know before upcoming flights... give me...
  20. spiz

    Sirius/XM App for Android?

    So I did some searching on this topic, and I could only find some pretty old stuff regarding this. I also read that an official application from a joint effort between Google and Sirius was in the works. Apparently just a rumor, but I was wondering if anyone had heard anything new recently...
  21. spiz

    Open Home - Buuf New/Icons

    So I'm using Open Home and just discovered the Buuf New theme, which I think is amazing. Does anyone know how the developer was able to change the notification bar and icons? I downloaded the icon pack, but my icons aren't changing when I select the pack from Open Home settings. Anyone know...
  22. spiz

    Root Copying files to SD card problem

    I'm not sure what's going on here, but when I try to copy files to my SD card by mounting the card, it just sits at the Copying window forever. I've tried different USB ports, same problem. Here's the window it just sits at: Any ideas?
  23. spiz

    Sling to Android this summer.

    So I read over at Androidandme.com that Sling was headed to Android this summer. Should be pretty awesome. It's too bad they didn't have it ready before today. Millions of people, including myself, could be watching March Madness at work. :) Sling shoots onto Android devices this Summer...
  24. spiz

    Contacts Pictures Question

    So I'm sitting here trying to add pictures to all of my contacts. Is there an easier way to do this? Such as Facebook? I've never understood how Facebook syncs with my contacts, and I'm not even sure if our phone is capable of this. Also, for the contacts I do have pictures of, how do I make...
  25. spiz

    Connection Problem

    Hey guys... my wife's BH2 is having connection problems. When using 3G/Edge/etc... she's unable to access anything that requires a connection. Facebook, her weather widgets, gmail, browser, etc... I assumed a factory reset would work, but is there anything I can before resetting? Thanks...