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    [Poll] What game should i pre-order for laptop

    I am trying to decide which game to pre-order for my Laptop.
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    Root [International] Just rooted...now what? Help an iPhone lover like his S4

    You could do an sd card swap
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    New Hard Drive

    I am looking to upgrade my Hard Drive and am looking for my Dell XPS 17 L702X and would like some input into choosing which hard drive to buy.
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    [Poll] What type of TV to buy

    I am going to buy a new tv and would like some input on whether I should buy a 3D or non 3D HDTV
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    Root [Verizon] SD Swap

    Was thinking doing an sd swap and was looking for feedback from people who have done this and how they have liked ir
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    I am eligible for my upgrade next Friday and was wondering if I should get the note 2 or wait for the s4
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    Root [Verizon] Dual booting

    I'm thinking about dual booting as and was wondering if anyone has tried it and what it was likr