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  1. No_u

    Root Phone doesn't boot anymore

    Okay, I'm trying to get a working version of Gingerbread on someone else's phone because it is rebooting all the time and was kind of hopeless to start with. I figured a vanilla version of Android might do it some good. Now I've tried using Unrevoked on this Desire, which was UK T-Mobile...
  2. No_u

    Ethernet connection available?

    Have a look here: Android 3.2 Platform | Android Developers If you look through the changes you'll notice this: Network Network type constants ConnectivityManager adds the constants TYPE_ETHERNET and TYPE_BLUETOOTH. This means they have added a driver for ethernet, right? So doesn't...
  3. No_u

    PvZ preview for Android

    YouTube - Plants vs Zombies on Lenovo LePad Can't wait!
  4. No_u

    Root GingerVillain 720p recording

    So I'm sure I won't be the first one to ask but it seems that GingerVillain (CyanogenMod is probably the reason) does not support 720p recording. Now I was wondering if there is any way around this, perhaps a flash or two?
  5. No_u

    Root Apps2SD - confused

    Okay, so I have Oxygen 2.0.1 which was supposed to have Apps2SD+ itself. That didn't seem to be the case so I flashed DarkTremor's script on my phone. The problem is, whenever I install something it still takes up way too much space, which shouldn't be necessary since I have 1 GB EXT2 for...
  6. No_u

    Root Oxygen 2.0

    Soo, after using CM7 for 2 weeks I've decided to flash Oxygen 2.0. CM7's shortfalls were the battery life and storage space. I'm hearing crazy story about batteries lasting days and the ROM has native apps2sd+ support. However during the process of repartitioning and all that, I've deleted...
  7. No_u

    Root Se x10 ruu?

    My mate wants me to root his X10, but before I would even try that I rooted my own. Someone on the Desire forums told me that a RUU could restore the phone to it's normal state if anything goes wrong. Does the X10 have an offical RUU and can someone link me to a download site? Thanks in advance.
  8. No_u

    Root Rooting, step by step?

    Hey everyone! This might seem lazy, but a lot of topics here don't seem really clear on this.. I'm wondering if someone could help me out personally. I have a Desire on 2.2 and I live in the Netherlands. It has an AMOLED screen, I've checked that on the box. Now I was wondering if anyone...
  9. No_u

    Can't update?

    My friend is having problems updating to the newest version that supports multitouch on his X10i. He says that when he connects his phone to PC companion he doesn't get a message saying there's a new update available. Using OTA doesn't work either, his phone says there are no new updates...
  10. No_u

    Question about phone memory

    I'm sure most of the people on this forum are from the US, but this question is EU specific, since I live in the Netherlands. My sister just had her birthday and I'm helping her pick a phone. I have a Desire myself, so I'm looking for something with Android. The price range is 150-220 euros...
  11. No_u

    Snesoid netplay whilst not in same zone

    Is there a way to trick Snesoid into thinking that both phones are on the same network? I mean Hamachi does this on PC, if anyone has heard of that. That way my friend and I could play netplay over the internet with each other without needing to be in the same WiFi zone.
  12. No_u

    Any good RTS games?

    So while I've came across platformers, gravity based games, 3d shooters etc etc. I've never came across a good (or any at all) RTS game. I'm talking about a game like AOE, where you can place buildings as well. I mean don't we have an advantage over other consoles because we can quickly tap...
  13. No_u

    IGN = iPhone fanboys?

    AppBrain App Market, Advanced Task Killer/ ATK Pro, YouTube Video - IGN Clearly shows they should obviously stick to their iPhone apps shows only..
  14. No_u

    Ahoy mateys

    Hey, Already made a few posts but why not drop in here and say hello :cool: My first smartphone: the HTC Desire, I'm anti-apple and that's about it. Android is super awesome, I already convinced a mate to get a phone that runs it. Looking forward to meet all of you.