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  1. donmeca2020

    screen yellowing after update.

    so I'm sure many of you have heard of some people getting a yellow screen after the March update. On my phone it comes on occasionally then will go away when the screen is turned off for a few minutes. While I had just did a manual update check today, that still didn't rectify it. So my...
  2. donmeca2020

    charging to full battery now takes forever

    So now i notice after about a year of ownership of a note 8, it APPEARS that there is a charging issue with it. for some reason it reminds me of similar issues i had with my note 4 prior to to purchasing the 8. I first noticed as of a few days ago, that i plugged the 8 into it's charger prior...
  3. donmeca2020

    Using entire image for lock/home screen

    Greetings fellow note 8 users. the past few months have annoyed me to no end when it comes with wallpapers. while im using the Nova launcher, i noticed i CAN NOT get the entire image to display on my 8. however back with my note 4 that was possible. anyways around this ?
  4. donmeca2020

    Help Charging with the fast charger

    So while the note 8 came with a fast charger for regular use, how safe is it to use on regular basis? I recall with my note 4, people claim it would kill the longevity of the actual battery. So anyone hear anything similar with the 8 ? Also we can't just pop these open and change to a new one...
  5. donmeca2020

    Help Bloatware, etc. What apps can be stopped/disabled

    So this might be too soon but, has anyone removed any of the bloatware that came with your phone yet? im not a person to do a root or anything of that nature, however sprint and the factory preloaded crap is abundent on this phone.
  6. donmeca2020

    What kind of deal did you get ordering the 8 ?

    I feel i was in dire need of a new phone , so with the 8 coming out i had to jump on it. onto details of my preorder. been a loyal sprint customer since 2014 possibly even earlier. they were able to take $200 off the price of the note 8, waive their $30 dollar activation fee, and also some how...
  7. donmeca2020

    Battery has had it....

    hey guys, it's been a long while since i last posted. anyways im approaching the close to 2 years of me owning my note 4. bought it when it was first released. in the beginning battery life could or would last almost 1 to 2 days. Fast forward to now after unpluging from being charged over...
  8. donmeca2020

    Help WIFI goes on by itself

    another strange thing i feel about the note, while its not super bad, it does however annoy the crap out of me. it won't go off if you leave the area, it'll continue just being on and draining the battery. for some reason whenever entering any area with WIFI, it automatically goes on.... i...
  9. donmeca2020

    Help Email issue

    well i looked and looked and messed the settings, the sync, just about everything i could think of but im trying to disable the automatic receiving of emails due to the fact it eats my data... I still want to be able to check for them but when i want to, not when the phone just decides to...
  10. donmeca2020

    Help notification sound

    Since coming from a galaxy S3 i was used to having a different sound for my text message and another one for my voicemail alert and my new forum message alert.. Is there anyway to have a separate sound for voice mail alerts and for text messages?
  11. donmeca2020

    Help app or a way to disable data when not in use?

    well im sure a few of you remember i had an ordeal with my data about a week or so ago. after messing with my data settings for abit. the data has been disabled and not been used since. i'm awaiting my new bill cycle to start soon. My question is basically is there an app or a particular way...
  12. donmeca2020

    Help problem with data use ...

    after receving the T-moblie 190 meg update. apparently the next day i surpassed my cap of 200 megs for the month. now as i check here and there on my small to mobile app that shows my usage of mins,texts,data im now 26 megs OVER my cap..... my question is If im not checking emails, i...
  13. donmeca2020

    T- mobile jellybean update

    well apparently after talking to a friend that works for tmobile. he told me last night jellybean has been launched for android phones including the S3. i was doubtful at first, but i tried updating today and i was able to actually get Jellybean. i really didnt notice too much of a...
  14. donmeca2020

    what Launcher are you all using?

    out of curiosity which Launcher is everyone using? i tried apex recently. it was good however i didnt like the fact i was unable to use widgets unless i was rooted. i know there is a few launchers out, but what is everyone using and what do you like about the specific browser?
  15. donmeca2020

    Best Android Drink mixer app

    im sure there is numerous threads about the best drink mixer app, but i've heard alot of them forceclose and crash, others are out of date and some of the drink recipes are plain stupid... im a GS3 owner , what do you guys recommend?? i want something preferably free as well, as i searched...
  16. donmeca2020

    Early iPhone 5 benchmark tests beat Galaxy S III, Nexus 7 and latest iPad

    Purported early benchmark test results for the iPhone 5 have appeared online, suggesting that Apple
  17. donmeca2020

    T-Mobile firmware update

    i just got a firmware update today, anyone else get this today or prior?? what does it it consist of ?? does it fix anything or make anything better ? :confused:
  18. donmeca2020

    Help no notification when another call comes in

    while on a call tonight, i came to notice that i dont get any sort of sound or tone when another caller is calling. is there anyway to rectify this ? my old optimus M would make a sound when another caller was calling. i would love to fix this
  19. donmeca2020

    Help SMS problem

    Well i finally have my phone operational, calls can go out and come in, i messed with the WIFI at my house via the phone. For some reason i receive messages via t mobile for any account info, but if i try sending a text message out, the little icon on the side shows sending, it just never...
  20. donmeca2020

    blaze protective case

    i just ordered two galaxy S blaze 4g one for each of my folks. we'll be getting them tomorrow sometime. so considering i needed a case for my galaxy S3 i said let me order them a case each on ebay as well ordered this black one for Pops Black Hard Snap-On Case Cover for T-Mobile Samsung...
  21. donmeca2020

    good bye optimus m....

    it seems this is good bye for my optimus M and Metro pcs for me. i thought it out for awhile, and i weighed out the good and bad with keeping this phone and staying on metro pcs. i just decided the hell with it, i was tired of the crappy not being able to receive and dl pictures via text. i...
  22. donmeca2020

    Root Gingerbreak afterwords cant remove bloatware...

    after installing gingerbreak sucessfully, i have superuser on my phone thats how i can tell it worked. i have tried numerous file manager apps, still nothing i want to remove all the bullshit bloatware from the phone yet nothing will let me do it. any ideas here ?
  23. donmeca2020

    Help phone dieing faster then normal

    for some reason as of believe thursday of this past week, i have been doing my normal amount of calls and texts, which is not too much because i leave the phone in the car, but lately the battery life is just dieing rapidly, and i cant figure out why. as of last night i charged it up and...
  24. donmeca2020

    Help notification ringtones ?

    how do you change your notification ringtones? i know how to change the regular ones and i tried to change the text one but it doesnt give me an option to go look at my SD where the sound file is located at? anyhelp would be greatly appreciated
  25. donmeca2020

    Help changing the task bar

    has anyone had any luck changing the luck or the icons on the task bar on our phones? i noticed the a friend with an optimus S from sprint had a different bar. i was also wondering how would you go about just changing what you have on the task bar? thanks for any info guys