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  1. entropy5

    Screen after phone call has ended

    Good morning. I get this screen that appears after I end a phone call. It lasts a few seconds before I can perform any other function. I've searched and toggled many options in the Phone app and tried alternative dialers. It's kind of annoying.
  2. entropy5

    Screen after ending phone calls

    After ending a phone call, this screen pops up. Is there an option that I'm missing to disable this?
  3. entropy5

    Help stop ota update pop up

    I have a Moto G4 (not the Plus) with Marshmallow. I updated another one to Nougat and had problems with ghost touches that even a factory reset and barebones-no-apps-at-all couldn't fix. So, Nougat 7.0 breaks them. I want to stick with Marshmallow until if/when Nougat 7.01 or later becomes...
  4. entropy5

    Moto G4 Fast Charge

    I purchased a Moto 4G in July, 2016 because I was pretty happy with the Moto G LTE model and the new G4 was on sale. And had better specs. I used the Turbo Charger exclusively for the speed. But about 3 weeks ago, I noticed that my battery was Turbo discharging. It would lose about 50% within 2...
  5. entropy5

    Macrodroid question

    I've created a macro to wake the screen on my Moto G4 (2016) but it will only work once. Any ideas? I've chosen... Proximity sensor screen on Fast wave as the action Screen off as the constraint. I've tried toggling these in various ways. Still can get it to fire once.
  6. entropy5

    ExDialer contacts

    I'm using exDialer & Contacts instead of the default Marshmallow apps because of grouping, customization, etc. But I'm having trouble with assigning different ringtones (some that I've created myself and stored on my sd) to contacts. They seem to work for awhile then revert to a ringtone that's...
  7. entropy5

    Help Import bookmarks into chrome

    I've been using Boat browser for some time and have accumulated quite a collection of bookmarks. Backing them up creates a html file. I want to try Chrome. How can I import the Boat bookmarks into Chrome?
  8. entropy5

    new Moto G LTE owner

    Well, I've had this sub-$200 phone for a little over a month and I couldn't be happier. I upgraded from a Motorola Atrix 2, a fine phone but dated. The addition of LTE and a micro sd slot is icing on the 1st generation Moto G cake. The best feature is the battery life. Phenomenal! 100% charge...
  9. entropy5

    new member

    I'm a new member just beginning to hack a LG Thrive. I've rooted it and removed bloatware. My next step is maybe a custom ROM.