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  1. Tank2211

    Borked Baked BlackBean

    The other week I had asked for the Zip of Baked BlackBean. After getting it going on my phone I noticed my mic was cutting out on the other persons end and wouldn't fix until I hung up and recalled. It would be fine for a few minutes then would cut out. I switched back to Blu Kuban and the mic...
  2. Tank2211

    facial recognition?

    Not sure if the phone comes with anything like this and I'm just missing it somewhere or if id need to find an app? If I need to use an app does anyone recommend one?
  3. Tank2211

    Need Baked BlackBean Zip

    Does anyone have a link to a Baked BlackBean Zip? The link found in the one stop shop doesn't work and id like to test this ROM out. Thanks in advance
  4. Tank2211

    Thinking about getting the GS2

    My poor little prevail is in its last days (power button works when it wants to and it shuts itself off in mid text) its done this a few times before but this time its really bad. I like the GS2 and the fact I can get it for a lil over $200 right now buuuuut... is it worth it? Money is very...
  5. Tank2211

    Root Id like to know why....

    A mod is running off our devs. Is it smart to have a mod ruining it for all of us by running their mouths and having those who contribute to this forum leave for good? I'm pissed and believe I will be looking for tweaks for our phones else where from now on. I want to see yalls opinions.
  6. Tank2211

    Welp im done with Boost

    Their service has been absolute crap for me and the old lady the past two months and they keep giving us the reach around to of when it will be fixed so instead of paying for crap that doesnt work we are switching services. I wanted to thank everyone here who has put such awesome work into our...
  7. Tank2211

    Root USB Device Not Recognized

    Okay guys I need your help... the past few days has been hell for me with technology. Now my phone is being a brat to top it all off. I plug my phone in and I get a pop up window that says "USB Device Not Recognized" and in it says "One of the USB devices attatched to this computer has...
  8. Tank2211

    Root GPS stopped working

    I flashed back to stock after I noticed the issue. Tried using GPS in stock and nothing. I flashed over to CTmod 3.3 to test it and its still not working. Any ideas on what to try before I call up Samsung and send it to them to fix?
  9. Tank2211

    Root I want Abobe Flash Player back on my phone

    I would like to get the flash player back on my phone. I already went through the threads and found the one they were claiming worked but I think the download is broke because it keeps redirecting me on both of my computers. Can anyone help me out?
  10. Tank2211

    Help Want to update to 2.3

    I am still on 2.2 and get spammed relentlessly by the system updater. I have my phone rooted and want to update to the gb 2.3. As yall know it wont update unless I do it manually. Can anyone help me?