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  1. MisterMixelpix

    Need some help with Refraction...

    Okay, so I got it, and I'm stuck. On level three. If you go to http://www.refractionguide.co.uk you can see level help, but even when I follow exactly what they say for sector one, level three, I get this: What the heck?
  2. MisterMixelpix

    Root LOTS of files on my SD missing. What's up?

    Any idea why this would happen? I'm confused as all get out. I lost ALL of my photos and wallpapers, but nothing else.
  3. MisterMixelpix

    Root Delete Titanium backups

    Just wondering how to do this. I have way too much in there and want to start from scratch.
  4. MisterMixelpix

    Two albums, same title, Android can't differentiate.

    So I have two albums with the name "Wormwood", one by Marduk and the other by The Acacia Strain, and in EVERY music player they're listed as one album and given the album art from Marduk. Any idea what to do about this?
  5. MisterMixelpix

    Accessories What's the biggest battery I can squeeze into an Innocase?

    I have a Seidio Innocase II, love it. Also have a 1750. Would like to upgrade the latter, and I'm wondering what's the biggest option I could jam into that thing, even if it means pulling the back of the Inc itself off. Votes?
  6. MisterMixelpix

    Root Can someone explain WHY phones react differently?

    I'm a little confused toward this one. People seem to have really varied reports about certain kernels and ROMs and whatnot working on their phones. For some, King's #1-3 are either really stable or completely unusable. Same goes for the Hydra kernels, or Skyraider, or Cyanogen. But I don't...
  7. MisterMixelpix

    Root Post your FULL SETUP: Kernel/ROM/Radio

    There's a sticky in the ROMs board about what people are running, but that's only half useful since we don't know what else is on people's phones. So I'm curious what you all have going, how it's running, how battery life is, etc. Kernel: King's #2 ROM: Skyraider 2.5.2 Vanilla Radio: 2.15...
  8. MisterMixelpix

    Root Weird issue with Titanium...

    Okay this is driving me CRAZY. Restoring from Titanium, I apparently hit the back button instead of "done", and now Titanium is showing in the status bar menu as being at 29%, however I can't actually access it. Instead, if I select it, I get the standard Titanium window. Basically it's like...
  9. MisterMixelpix

    Root Top apps for a rooted phone?

    See title. Just curious what's out there.
  10. MisterMixelpix

    Root Win7 64-bit rooting

    I'd like to do some rooting, but the tutorial in the sticky doesn't work (I get to the HBOOT part and the drivers don't install at all). Any ideas here? I've read something about a method that involves messing with the SD card, but I'm REALLY not sure I'm confident enough for that. Help?
  11. MisterMixelpix

    REVIEW: Mog radio

    So if you're not aware of it, MOG just came out with some Android goodness, which you can find out about (and sign up for a free trial of) here: MOG's Streaming Music Service Launches Ground-Breaking Mobile Apps Now I'm not big on a monthly fee for this kind of thing, but I was curious so I...
  12. MisterMixelpix

    Mixzing gets EQ!

    Upgrade it or head over to the market now, folks!
  13. MisterMixelpix

    RadioTime + Shazam = AMAZING

    So I like Pandora/Sirius and all that, but after a while they tend to repeat music. As a result, I snagged up RadioTime and started sweeping through the more obscure stations, finally stumbling upon Death.FM, which plays an amazing selection of more extreme metal. However, RT doesn't TELL you...
  14. MisterMixelpix

    Dolphin zoom issue

    So I'm trying to start using Dolphin as my main browser, but I've got one big problem. Whenever I load up a page, it is ALWAYS zoomed out the whole way. Changing the default zoom doesn't make a difference. Any ideas?
  15. MisterMixelpix

    Help How do you get Skype?

    It ain't working for me. I enter my number on skype.com and click the link it sends me, they say it isn't available on my phone. I navigate to skype.com/m and hit "download" and I get a 404 error. Help?
  16. MisterMixelpix

    Swype vs Shapewriter: Mix's final decision

    As most of you have seen, I'm AF's resident ShapeWriter acolyte. Any time it or Swype pops up in a thread, I'm there to promote. But I decided to really, TRULY give Swype a fair shake and so over the last few days I scrapped my precious ShapeWriter in favor of its more high-profile cousin. So...
  17. MisterMixelpix

    SNESoid problem :(

    I snagged SNESoid and was playing Chrono Trigger. Everything going great until... One part of the game requires me to press L+R and then hit A. I can't seem to make this happen, since multi-touch only reads two buttons at once. I'm on an Incredible, any ideas?
  18. MisterMixelpix

    I thought that thread was mikeawesome.

  19. MisterMixelpix

    Ebuddy + weak signal = battery death

    So I'd been wondering why my battery at work doesn't last that long. I knew signal strength was an issue, but then I opened up Spare Parts and checked battery usage. Normally ebuddy is only running when it does quick message checks and has a pretty short partial wake time. Out here where it...
  20. MisterMixelpix

    Facebook app vs touch.facebook.com

    Who uses which and why? I'm on an Incredible, and with all the horror stories of the Facebook app going on, I'm wondering if it'd be in my best interest to just shut off the sync on that thing and scrap the widget in favor of simply using the FB bookmark.
  21. MisterMixelpix

    Accessories You guys must live in some dust-free utopia... (screen protector fail)

    I failed at this shit AGAIN. I sat with my Wrapsol with tape for a solid 30 minutes, trying to get all the little dust flecks out from under it, and it could NOT do it. I'm at my wit's end. Now the thing looks like shit because I've got fingerprints on the sticky side that will NOT go away and...
  22. MisterMixelpix

    Wasted $15 on Clarivue

    NOTE: this is just my story, these things are probably great if you can get 'em on. So today my order of Clarivue screen protectors came in. I wasn't totally on board with these things due to the stories about the fit, but figured I'd try them anyway. They came in the mail with a nice little...
  23. MisterMixelpix

    The little things you love about the Inc

    So sure, there's all the obvious things like the great camera, the fast processor, or the Sense UI, but what are some of the small things you love about your Incredible? I'll get 'er started. Take the audio cord out, audio playing stops. MAN that's convenient when I get out of the car...
  24. MisterMixelpix

    Has your Dinc taken over your casual computing?

    I noticed that since I can Tweet, use Facebook, browse, IRC, and use Meebo on my Dinc... I almost don't need my actual computer for casual use. Serious multimedia editing, video and such obviously need the main machine, but lately I'm just leaving my laptop sit as a storage device, LOL. And I'm...
  25. MisterMixelpix

    Help Will the Dinc be able to use 4G or not?

    I've had three people so far tell me that the Dinc will be able to use a 4g connection when VZW upgrades the network (including one iPhone user who said that was one reason he was jealous of me), but I can't find much info one way or the other. Anyone on here know for sure?