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    The summer of the smartphone shortage

    Interesting read and includes Incredible Content. :) The summer of the smartphone shortage from CNN/CNET: The summer of the smartphone shortage - CNN.com (CNET) -- I can't tell you how many people I've talked to this summer who have told me that they had finally made their decision to get...
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    Accessories Replacement Parts - Touch Panel Replacement and Complete Housing

    FYI - Found the following site with replacement housings, Digitizer front panel (choice of with HTC Logo or Verizon Logo) and Battery Door: HTC Droid Incredible Replace Repair Parts
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    Possible to change username?

    Hi All, Is it possible to request a username change? Picked my original name on a whim when signing up figuring I wouldn't be using it all that much. Turned out I was wrong (thankfully) and have found myself visiting here frequently. Would like to change my username to something different...
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    Help Apps for reading logs/troubleshooting OS & App Issues

    I've been having some weird random type issues on my DINC over the past week or so and I'd like to track them down (buzzing from phone, screen goes blank and won't come back on, freezes). I've got lots of apps installed and am wondering if the source of my problem may be related to one of those...
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    Anyone else sort of over the Red?

    Originally I kind of dug the red accents on the phone. But the more I've played around with it (different themes, etc.), I've kind of gotten over the red ear piece and camera lens cover. I've been kicking around the idea of dying/changing the color of the ear piece black for starters. Not...
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    Nexus One Android Sleeve for the Incredible

    Just posted this over on the Nexus One forums in a thread there about the sleeve and how to get it and figured I would post it here as well. Saw the sleeve that comes with the Nexus One posted in one of the Case threads here with pics showing that it fits the Incredible perfectly. So I just...
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    Accessories If you don't see accessories out on the shelves at VZW stores, ASK!

    I was in NJ this weekend visiting relatives and made my first trip to a local VZW wireless store since getting the DINC. They only had one case on the floor for the incredible (I was looking for the black silicone case which wasn't out on display). Salesperson came over and asked if I needed...
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    Missing apps in the App Store

    I've seen several people make mention of missing apps in the app store in various other threads (someone mentioned PayPal for instance). These are all people who got the phone early. Engadget mentioned the same issue in their review: Quote from the Droid Incredible review @ engadget:"One...
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    Accessories What Incredible accessories are on your wishlist?

    What sort of accessories or options are you hoping for once the Incredible is released? Personally, I am hoping someone releases an aftermarket back plate that is flat and rounded, made out of soft touch rubber/plastic with a kickstand built in. How cool would that be? :)
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    New day, new member

    Hi Everyone - Just a quick note to introduce myself. I have been lurking for a bit ever since the release of the Droid. Don't yet have an Android device, but will soon (can you guess which one I am holding out for based on my username)? :D Hope to learn from and contribute to the forums...