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  1. DianaF59

    Help Need some advice on tablets, if possible :)

    Hi, I haven't been here in awhile, but hope I can post this here :thinking: I am trying to choose a budget tablet, (yes Chinese made, because being on a fixed income, I can't afford any other) and I have been trying to narrow it down to one, I have it down to 4, and I'm trying to find out which...
  2. DianaF59

    Help Trying to get all my data from LG -X410ASR to Viking Pro 2-in1

    Hi folks, I really hope I am in the right place :D I have looked all over and can't find anything like what I need that's recent and if there is an old post, I would think, it might be out of date. I have Googled and found that some of the "instructions" say you can't transfer data from a newer...