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  1. alfick3

    Moto E4 coming to Metro

    Anyone see this yet? I know that the E4 isn't a power house of a phone, but at $50 that's a pretty good deal.
  2. alfick3

    How to find other phones in the new app

    So I used to use Tapatalk but recently I started not being able to see the numerous phone forums that I was subscribed to; they were blank when viewed in Tapatalk. On this new app I get my Nexus 5X forums or my Nexus 7 forums (as viewed from the N7) but I can't find other phones or tablets that...
  3. alfick3

    New LG phones, one of which looks like the old Motion

    So the phone on the far right of the picture looks like the old LG Motion. I assume it's K3, but man it looks like the Motion. http://phandroid.com/2016/12/22/lg-k-series-stylus-3-2017/ Sent from my LG Nexus 5X
  4. alfick3

    Hello.... - CivRev2

    It's no one else out there using this game except me?
  5. alfick3

    No more tablet

    So I just noticed that Metro finally got rid of that anorexic tablet from their web site. Also the tablet plans. I do hope that doesn't mean a complete end to tablets at Metro, since I think it was a good idea. They just needed a better tablet or byod tablets.
  6. alfick3

    Calling Moto Nexus 6 and LG Nexus 5X users

    So, I'm going back and forth between the idea of getting a Nexus 6 or the Nexus 5X come March after I get my tax refund. Swappa has decent prices on both phones, and they can be had in good to mostly mint condition. I like the idea of the 3 Gigs of RAM on the N6 and the larger screen, as well as...
  7. alfick3

    MetroPCS corporate store selling T-Mobile iPhone s

    I went into my local corporate store, that was newly remodeled, today. It looked nice compared to before the remodel. The interesting thing I saw, was that they had a T-Mobile display and they were selling the iPhone, and advertising the T-Mobile jump program. I didn't look into it much further...
  8. alfick3

    Good to see a good LG phone on Metro

    It's nice to see a decent LG phone that can be rooted and have a custom recovery. After owning the LG Motion, I vowed to never again get stuck with a locked down tight phone, that's why I went with an unlocked Moto G 1st gen 3G phone. Hopefully you'll get a good selection of ROM's and maybe even...
  9. alfick3

    Simultaneous voice and data

    So recently my work switched us from At&t blackberry's over to Verizon iPhone 5S'. Aside from it being an iPhone, I am glad to be off the BlackBerry. One thing tho, we can't talk and have LTE data at the same time. I thought the whole thing of LTE was that we could get simultaneous voice and...
  10. alfick3

    LG Optimus M class action lawsuit

    So, have any former OM users received a post card about a class action lawsuit? I got one today stating that if I had a phone that would freeze or reboot I could submit a claim. 'Course, to submit a claim I'd have to provide the serial number of the phone, which I don't even know if I still have...
  11. alfick3

    Root TWRP

    I came across this today. I don't have the phone (I'm using a Moto G on Metro), but thought you guys might have an interest in this, if you haven't seen it yet. It looks like someone has made a recovery for your phone. Hope it helps. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3049800
  12. alfick3

    Root Lollipop on the Tab 2 7"

    So, if anyone is interested a ROM for Android 5.0 is booting on this venerable old gal. Here's the link to it over on XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2931067 I got it installed and up and running. So far the camera force closes. I also don't have all my apps re-installed...
  13. alfick3

    Metro advertising

    Saw this on a DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) bus the other day:
  14. alfick3

    Moto G XT1034 & 4.4.4

    So my US, unlocked XT1034 finally got the 4.4.4 update. It's ironic that Motorola sent it out shortly before Android 5.0. I honestly thought that Moto was going to skip it on us and take us straight from 4.4.3 to 5.0.
  15. alfick3

    Android L 5.0 is coming to the Moto G!

    Here it is: It’s Official: Android 5.0 Lollipop Coming to Moto X, Moto G, Moto E and More - The Official Motorola Blog I don't know if that will include the CDMA variants, or just the GSM models. However, I assume that all the versions will get it.
  16. alfick3

    New Kyocera phone coming

    I know it won't be a power house, but it looks interesting none the less. http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/08/04/kyocera-announces-the-ruggedized-hydro-life-for-t-mobile-and-metropcs/ I'm not in the market for a new phone since I got the original HSPA+ Moto G about 3 months ago, but my wife...
  17. alfick3

    Alcatel Fierce is out, ZTE Concord II is in

    So I was on Metro's website today and saw that the Fierce was no longer listed and that the Concord was listed. I'm a little surprised that the Fierce was gone and the Evolve was still there, with the Fierce being the "4G" phone and the Evolve is only a 3G phone. I just got myself a Moto G, so...
  18. alfick3

    Root [International] I'm tickled pink

    So, I decided to install CM11 on my G, today. I just did my 1st OTA CM update. It's just cool to finally have a phone that has a valid recovery (three actually), official CM (and a whole slew of other ROMs), and an unlocked boot loader. I started out my Android life using the LG Optimus M...
  19. alfick3

    So long (and thanks for all the fish)

    (Just had to put that tip of the hat to Hitchhikers Guide in there) Well I've officially moved over to the Moto G now (no I didn't wait to get the LTE version). I'm loving it! It's a great phone, even with just HSPA+ 21. I've unlocked the boot loader, put CWM on it, rooted and tried out a...
  20. alfick3

    Ordered mine!

    I just ordered my Moto G tonight. I just ordered the original 16 gig rather than waiting for the LTE to be available. I'm ok with hspa+. I figured I've waited since the beginning of December so I went ahead and ordered it now! :cool:
  21. alfick3

    Evolve screen shots

    Well, since no one has made this yet, I'll go ahead and be the first. Here is a screen shot of my 1st screen to the right of my main home screen. I have the Google Now widget on there, as well as the camera and tapatalk. Edit: correct the link.
  22. alfick3

    Root Changing Startup/Shutdown sounds

    Ok, so my wife and I purchased the MetroPCS varient (5020N) as an MP3/game play, etc phone for my children. I rooted one of them and gave it to my oldest son. He played around and changed his start up/shutdown sounds. It can be done through the sound menu, but that only works if you put the tone...
  23. alfick3

    ? About data plan for Moto G

    So I'm putting this in the Metro forum because it more involves the data plan rather than a question about the phone. I'm hoping some of the Metro store owners (I know your out there hulk) will chime in and have a good answer for me. I'm planning on getting a Moto G (will probably get the...
  24. alfick3

    Root [International] Moto G unlock boot loader, root/recovery

    Oh, and some ROM's: Well, since no one has posted this in one place yet, here are some threads on XDA forums that are pertinent to the boot loader, rooting, recoveries and some ROM's: How to unlock the boot loader: xda-developers - View Single Post - [RC-FAQ] >> Frequently Asked Questions...
  25. alfick3

    KitKat update

    Alright, for those of you who have gotten the update, did it go well? I'm reading, over on the Nexus 4 forum, all kinds of issues for a good majority of the folks that got the update. Some are having failed updates, others are having software issues after the update, just a general all around...