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    pictures only to myself removed+fix?

    Hello I recently posted this but made a mistake in my question. I get all pictures sent to my android cell phone from someone else cell phone but Not the Ones I Send to myself from my cell phone It removes them, why? Is there a setting i am missing? Thanks, I am using Tracfone with verizon!!
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    Android cell removes attachments+fix

    Hi When someone sends me a picture to my android cell phone (not always but sometimes) it states the attachment(picture) was removed!!! Why is it doing this and how to fix it? Thanks
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    How to Install an app from a pc link to android phone?

    Hi I sent my friend this direct download for the Voice recorder i have on my phone, but it shows only how to install it on to the pc not his android phone. how can he directly install this to his android phone from here>> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.first75.voicerecorder2...
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    Transfer just One Picture to pc from cell

    Hi,, I can transfer all pictures from my android to the pc, but i only want to send the latest ONE PICTURE to the pc from android, how is this done? Thank You
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    Help KeyScrambler On Android Phone

    Hi I just bought a new tracfone LG rebel 4. i downloaded key scrambler but when i click on it to open it, a message popped up saying "Can't Open File". Anyone know what the problem is here? Thanks