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    Help Camera

    I keep getting "Uknown Error" when launching the camera. Rebooting doesn't work, Clearing data/cache from the Camera App doesn't work either. This problem started a few weeks ago, but occassionally here and there the camera app will launch and take pictures. It's almost as if it fails b/c it...
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    IDOL 3

    Does this forum cover the IDOL 3 as well? Just wonder if the phone has root before I consider buying it.
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    Help Won't Boot up and start correctly

    When I turn on the tablet, I can see the boot animation fine. It appears that the device is booting into the OS (JB I believe) where I can see the Home screen temporarily. Then it just goes blank and I can't do anything or see anything. My thinking is that it ran out of memory and it is stuck...
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    Root No root yet?

    I guess there is no Root or CM11 for this phone. I like the hardware and the price is finally reasonable to buy one. But I'm not interested in FIREOS. If there was a custom Android Rom then I would buy this in a heart beat.
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    Help FM Radio

    I see FM Radio under Full Features on the Boost Mobile website. Is there an app for this?? How do we access it? Thanks! http://www.boostmobile.com/shop/phones/lg-volt/ 3-way calling 3.5mm headset jack 8MP camera Accelerometer Access to Boost Zone Access to Gmail® and Google Talk™...
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    Moto G coming to Boost Mobile $99 from HSN

    Via Boost website they are going to launch it on Jan 14th for $129.99. However, if you want it early you can get it from HSN for $99 after $30 mail-in rebate. Motorola Moto G 4.5" Touchscreen Quad-Core No-Contract Smartphone with 5MP Came at HSN.com
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    Help Face Unlock

    Does anyone know how to turn on the Face Unlock feature? I can't seem to find it in the settings. But I'm certain JB (4.1) and higher has this built in. In fact, I found it running in the background (cached processes). Yet I can't figure out how to turn it on to test it out. Thanks!!
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    Help Safe to remove apps

    Anyone removed apps yet? Just checking in to see what is safe to remove. Apparently, the way they've partitioned the 8GB created only 1.5gb of data available to apps and 4gb available as SD storage. Why on earth did they do this separation when we have a micro SD slot???? I could have used the...
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    BOOST Mobile GS3 sale $60 off online orders

    Anyone interested in a new GS3 from Boost Mobile. They are having sale with $60 off the $399 price tag. Other phones are on sale as well. LG F7, HTC One SV, etc.
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    BOOST Mobile GS3 sale

    Looks like Boost is offering the GS3 for $299 if you port over your number from MetroPCS ONLY. I saw an Ad in the front page of the paper today (AM NewYork). It says valid thru 7/13/13. I guess you have to call 855-4-A-PORTIN. A few other phones are available on the cheap too. Samsung...
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    New Phone on Boost

    Anyone get this phone yet??? I see it on Boost for $299 now. I will get it if it can be rooted for sure. At least to delete all the crap I don't want. If the kernel and rom developers can do anything... then all the better.
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    BYOP - Bring Your Own Phone

    That's right!! Sprint is OK with it now. So, looks like I have a good reason to stay with Boost Mobile afterall. Get a used GS3 or any phone that works on Sprint (more choices folks) and have it flashed to work on Boost Legally. No more talk about this not being OK on AF. Sprint endorses...
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    Boost Mobile Buyback Program

    I was just checking out the Boost buyback program....and of course, the Warp is not one of the phones on the list. ;) I wonder why??? Not even $1? Funny b/c the Sequent (N861) was an option for $38.
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    Sale at HSN

    Anyone interested in a new EVO Design phone, HSN is having a sale for about half what they use to be on Boost. $149.99 now HTC EVO Design No-Contract Android Smartphone with 5MP Camera, GPS and Boost Mo at HSN.com at HSN.com
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    Help GMAIL

    Running Noob VII Rom. I just recently noticed my gmail messages are not being sent. When I checked the OUTBOX folder there were 22 messages going back the last 2wks. Anyone have any ideas? I've tried to resend both over 3G and Wifi, but the msgs stay in the OUTBOX and won't go anywhere. I...
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    Ad blocking

    Just read about this ad blocking app on the phandroid site. Official AdBlock Plus for Android app is here Hopefully it will be useful for some of you.
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    New LTE Phones coming sooner than later?

    Well accoding to Phandroid.... We may see some LTE phones on Boost and Virgin. Sprint bringing 4G LTE to its PAYG subsidiaries [RUMOR] Sprint needs to be competitive with Cricket, Metro PCS, and others offering GS3's. This is good news, hopefully by the new year?
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    Root [Boost Mobile] MD5 Sum

    Two problems? 1) I tried to restore a ROM I backed up in CWM, and it won't do it. I get a MD5 Sum Mismatch error. I tried advance restore to do the parts one by one and same thing. What exactly does this mean? Funny b/c I've restored other backups a few times now without a hitch. 2) I've...
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    Help Music Player

    Hi Everyone, I'm a rooted WARP user. Anyone ever have trouble with their music files not showing in the player (stock app)? Rebooting the phone doesn't work. And I've gone into the file manager to search for the files, where I do see them (they always show up there, so I assume the phone...
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    Help GPS accuracy on WARP

    Anyone having GPS issues? I use Google Maps, and it never gets a an accurate read on my location. I've tried several different areas that were fine when I had my prevail. All are out in the open not in the City. And the GPS is still off by a signficant amount. I'm talking several blocks. Is...
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    ZTE Stock Email App

    Hi. For the most part, I haven't needed to post anything b/c I've been successful at finding info on the ZTE Forum so far. Thanks to this forum I was able to to root. Thereafter installed Titanium Backup. I backed up the Stock ZTE email APP that I used to get my yahoo, hotmail, etc. I then...