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  1. Papadroid

    [Poll] What was your previous phone?

    What was your phone prior to the TB? I was using an OG Moto Droid.
  2. Papadroid

    Root [ROM] [MikRoms] The Perfect Storm v1.4 [04-23-11] Thunder and Lightning!

    This is not my ROM I just noticed it over at XDA and thought I would post it here for others to see. It is based off of the .9 RUU. I haven't flahsed it yet but I will be shortly. All credit for this ROM goes to chingy51o and TeamMik! [ROM] [MikRoms] The Perfect Storm v1.4 [04-23-11] Thunder...
  3. Papadroid

    What's your favorite NFL team?

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers, though lately they have really ticked me off.
  4. Papadroid

    Root Moto Droid rooted or Eris rooted

    Currently I have an Eris with v3 Leak meaning I can't root. But my wife loves my phone so I plan on giving her mine and either getting another eris and rooting or a Moto Droid and rooting. I've been trying to read up on the Droid and the different ROMS available and have some questions...
  5. Papadroid

    Version 3 is the Official Update from Verizon???

    It appears that Leak version 3 is the official update. http://support.vzw.com/pdf/system_update/eris.pdf
  6. Papadroid


    I'm a proud owner of the Droid Eris especially after installing 2.1 and I'm addicted to android. As a matter of fact I can't wait to get an android tablet something like the wepad.