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    Help Random high power drain?

    Has anyone else experienced random high power drain on their S5? I've got a verizon S5 for almost a month now. Normally when things are working correctly, I see about 1% drain per hour on standby. That's with normal (not power savings mode) mode and email push etc. But randomly, it will...
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    For Sale : $350.00 : Verizon 32GB Galaxy S3 Blue

    Buy | Sell | Trade ..For Sale . Device/Item(s) ..Verizon 32GB Galaxy S3 Blue . Price ..$350.00 . Shipping Included? ..Yes . Payment Options ..Paypal, Cash, Other (Explain in Additional Information) . Condition ..Mint: Perfect device and all original included items ...
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    Best dock clock app for S4?

    Just recently picked up a Verizon S4 to replace my S3. Found a few apps that no longer work correctly. The most annoying one is "Dock Clock" Which turns the phone into a clock at night. on the S3 and all other phones I've used, it will automatically dim the display and move the clock...
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    Help How do we force verizon GS3 to update PRL?

    So I've had my GS3 on Verizon since release day. Yesterday my brother picks up a GS3 on verizon. At my house I see his gets a stronger signal then me and faster speedtest results. His phone shows about -103db while mine fluctuates from -110 to -120 db. His phone had solid 4G connection all...
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    Where to buy OEM charger?

    So I bought a used XYboard 8.2 and it didn't come with a charger. I've tried using the 2A 10Watt ipod charger, a 2.1A 10 Watt 3rd party charger, 1A 5Watt charger from my S3, 1A 5Watt charger from a Razr maxx. The results are the same, either the device doesn't charge (it says its charging...
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    Where is ICS update for wifi only version?

    Seems the ICS update is out for Verizon XYboard (both 10.1 and 8.2) but where is the ICS update for the non-verizon wifi only 8.2? One would've thought the wifi only version would get the update before verizon version as it doesn't require verizon's testing/blessing. :mad:
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    Droid Bionic with lots of accessories

    For Sale or possible trade: Moto Droid Bionic bought on release day (9/8/2011). In excellent condition, no scratches on screen or body. Has been rooted but can revert back to stock if you like. Includes all the following: Droid Bionic 32GB Sandisk SD (total 48GB storage, 16GB on board, 32GB...
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    Help Push email reverts back to Fetch

    I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this. On my Bionic, I've setup two corporate push email. One for my work account, one for hotmail. However when I go look at email delivery options it reverts back to fetch every 15 minutes. I would then change fetch to manual and enable push, only to...
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    Droid X with lots of accessories

    Good condition Droid X (9 out of 10). Has had screen protector on it since day one and kept in a case. Includes the following: 1) Droid X 2) 16 GB SD 3) two Moto standard batteries with back cover PLUS one Moto OEM extended battery with back cover 4) Desktop Dock 5) Car navigation Dock 6)...
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    Flashlight widget?

    Has anyone found a flashlight widget that works on the bionic? None of the widgets that worked on the X or X2 works on the bionic. I'm looking for something simple, on tap LED on, one tap off etc. Thanks!
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    Help Speaker crackle when playing netflix?

    Has anyone else tried to play a netflix video? Notice any speaker crackle (constantly) while playing video? I've tried 10 different videos and they all make this speaker crackle. doesn't do this in youtube. I wonder if its a netflix issues, or a bionic hardware issue or maybe I just got...
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    HTC Thunderbolt & Accessories

    I have a good condition (9/10) HTC Thunderbolt for sale. In original box. (the original charger & usb cable are still sealed). Comes with phone, 2 batteries (1 HTC oem, and 1 Seidio slim extended), 3 Screen protectors (1 installed, 2 new), 2 seidio cases, 16gb SD card. No SIM, you can get...
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    or Trade, original Motorola Droid running 2.3.3

    I have an original Motorola Droid, running Gingerbread 2.3.3 overclocked to 1ghz. Runs really well. Screen is perfect, have had a screen protector on it since first day. Some scratches/small dings in the metal around screen. Have original box. Includes phone, battery, 8gb sd, charger. $100...
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    Droid X

    I have a like new Droid X for sale. Includes original box and charger/cable/docs etc. Looks and works like new, no issues. clean ESN. Will ask for $260 includes shipping to 48 states if paid by paypal gift. Otherwise add $8 to cover paypal fees. Also have an extended battery and otterbox...
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    Droid 2 Global & Accessories (White)

    2 week old Droid 2 Global in White. Pretty much like new Has been SIM unlocked and will include the unlock code from verizon in case you ever need to unlock it again Includes: D2G In White 2 Batteries Original box with all documents, cables, charger adapter 8gb micro SDHC Desktop Docking...
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    Help Battery life on Tegra 2?

    I don't see any mention of battery life in regards to Tegra 2 based phones/tablets. A friend of mine who is an engineer for a major manufacturer of smartphones/tablets (both android and windows) says all of their tegra 2 prototypes have had horrible battery life, even when on 3G networks. He...
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    FS/FT two Droid 2 Global, one white, one blue, new, SIM unlocked

    Following items for sale. price includes shipping by fedex ground insured to 48 states. Payment by paypal 1) Droid 2 Global in White. brand new never used. SIM unlocked. In original box with all original accessories. 2) Droid 2 Global in Blue. Used for 1 week. SIM Unlocked, includes...
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    Brand new Droid 2 Global in White

    I have a brand new droid 2 global in white, never used. SIM is unlocked Box is missing upc (sent in for rebate). If not sold by Wednesday December 8th, then I will have to wait till I get back from vacation on January 2nd to ship it. Would like to get $450 for it.
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    Help Hotmail Activesync push disables Gmail push?

    So Microsoft started offering free exchange activesync support yesterday for hotmail users. I set it up and my Droid X and it works well. However, I noticed when I have push enabled for hotmail, my gmail push stops working. As soon as I disable hotmail push, my gmail push starts to work...
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    Help 2.2 and Exchange Activsync still does not work?

    Ok so I upgraded to 2.2 in hopes that I can get activesync to work without using touchdown. I'm still seeing the same issues as 2.1 that is, the calendar will sync, I can send email but can not receive email. with a Droid 1 running 2.2, everything works fine. I would imagine the email app is...
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    Help How does one get the X to display multiple gmail messages from same source?

    I have encountered a strange issue. I received two emails from the same source with similar (but not quite the same) subject. Both show up fine in my gmail inbox (as expected) on a browser, but if I use the gmail app on the Droid X, it only shows the most recent message. The two messages were...
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    Help Notifylink -> Activesync -> Droid X issues?

    I don't know if anyone else is using notifylink at work. (We're currently a groupwise 7 shop so no native activesync, have to rely on notify link) Our notifylink setup used to work fine with my Droid on 2.1 in terms of email. was able to send/receive and get push email. the calendar piece...
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    Almost got a new replacement, but now have refurb on the way :(

    So my Droid decided to start acting up on me yesterday. the right most 1/2" of the screen has lost touch capabilities. So basically the right most keys on the onscreen keyboard doesn't work anymore, and if I hold the phone in landscape mode, I can bring down the notification bar, or type in...
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    Accessories Case for jogging?

    Ok so the Dr tells me I have to start jogging or doing some form of exercise if I want to live long enough to enjoy all these tech toys I keep buying. So, I have a regular leather belt case for my X, but I'm not likely to be wearing a belt when I go jogging. What is a good case to use for...
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    Help How does one use the 8GB of internal storage?

    How do we use the internal 8gb of storage rather than the SD card? I've tried astro, it can see a folder called "Data" but can't write anything to it. It doesn't get mounted when you connect it to a computer. When I take pictures or videos it seems to store it to the SD card. So what the heck...