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    Help green flashing light on phone

    since the gb update, and on reboot it seems like the green flashing light (notification) comes on (flashes) yet i don't have an email,text? seems like i need to have a txt come through to reset it (go off)? anyone else seeing this?? :confused: then later on, it seems to work as it should??
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    fm radio on atrix

    was sort of disappointed it did not come with a standard fm tuner. does anyone know & where to get one just to get your local stations not eating your data plan up like tunein app? someone needs to design a basic app if it's possible
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    Help bell canada gb update freezing up

    after the bell canada gb update through bell having issues with the apps freezing up that use to work fine and shutting down the phone says shutting down but never actually does?? :confused: i end up having to pull the battery,that sucks. the foyro which was the stock os none of these issues...
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    Help tcare not working via bell?

    for a few days now 82273 (tcare) has not been responding via bell network. does anyone have any further info?? :confused:
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    Help falling asleep & not waking up?

    i have my atrix for 3 weeks and it did something today i'm not liking. was using it then almost like it turned off or went to sleep?? i had to pull the battery & reboot to restore it. happened twice in 12 hr apart. was wondering what happened here and no new apps were installed. anyone elese...
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    goodbye my fellow eve users

    many thanks to all have gave me my head start on my first android phone. it's ok however i have moved on and ditched rogers with much relief, $125 to get out but my atrix phone was free so it rather worked out well for me. was thinking as a project to upgrade & put V 2.x + on the eve as a backup...
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    bell canada - gingerbread update?

    hello all; i finally made a big switch: 1. ditched rogers and moved to bell (what a difference) 2. upgraded from lg eve to the atrix (wow) does anyone know when 2.3 will be out for bell here in canada? that Haptic Feedback is quite annoying and updating to 2.2.2. did not do anything for me...
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    Help battery life & contract issue with Open Etna

    can anyone tell if the battery life on Open Etna has improved than having "rogers bloatware 1.5/1.6" ? i'm tempted to try it out (2.1 or 2.2) but i still have 1 yr left on my contract. my lg warranty period is over so trying that out at my own risk as may make a brick phone with my luck. also...
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    Help software update and firmware 1.6

    i have lg mobile software connected to the phone and it's prompting for a software update to 10Q (currently running 10F). has anyone had success with this upgrade? will it wipe out the apps i have d/l from the market? also i have not seen a prompt yet for v 1.6 to upgrade the firmware? is this...
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    2nd replacement eve - in for repair

    i'm now on my 2nd eve (in for repair) as my first i got in jan lasted till approx april, this 2nd one has damaged my 16gb micro card, phone said 'damaged sd card' lost approx 2-3gb on it and could no longer access it and not even able to format it. it has a 5yr warranty with only 2mths of use...
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    Help lost messenger app

    from updating the original 10c to 10f it seems my im app has disappeared. the messenger app i'm referring to is the one where you can put yahoo messenger or msn messenger in it as there is 2 messenger apps on the eve. has anyone elese expierenced this? does anyone have the .apk backed up? if so...
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    hand's free problem with eve

    well with the new law in full effect in several areas around the world, the only thing i can do with my eve paired up with my motorola t505 is to place my call before i drive away/pull over. this is kind of annoying ! :confused: it has no problems taking a call in 'hand free'. i sure hope 1.6 is...
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    replacement (eve) on the way

    after having this phone for only 4 mths i'm getting a replacement through the lg warranty. my phone will not do the software upgrade, was with rogers tech support twice live chat where the take over your screen to watch what is going on. i even tried the software upgrade on another pc same thing...
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    music d/l sites

    so far i have heard of neo music & music junk where you can get single tunes. does anyone know if and where you can get entire albums (cd) through the market?
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    built in calculator app on eve

    has anyone found the % button ? this is strange it's not there, not even in the advanced panel.
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    built in music app

    does anyone know how to load 'cover art' into the blank top spot on the screen when a song plays?
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    has anyone had any sucess getting this setup to use on eve ?
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    open voicemail .wav messages

    i have found this is a decent workaround for now untill we see an app or something in 1.6 solve this issue. i get my magic jack vm msg's sent to me via .wav (gsm 6.1 codec??) but not able to open them. so i found this site: Voicemail Conversions - Home and they send you back to you email one...
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    to root or not to root

    my thanks to blitbroke for the root procedure and keeping it up to date. i would like to try this out however; doing a root on my phone i'm on my own if something goes wrong, would the lg warranty be void tinkering/hacking in if i ever had to send it in for repair (eg electonic repair,other...
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    What would you like to see for V 1.6 release?

    it's probably too late to have our wants/needs as it's probably being debugged as we speak(i hope) for it's spring release. i don't work for rogers at all, however what would you like see either fixed,upgraded,added,annoyances,etc. to make 1.6 a pleasent upgrade for us eve users. let's hope...
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    back up tool/ghost imaging

    is there an app or way to back the phone up incase you loose everything on your phone itself? kinda like what a blackberry has.
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    online wav convert

    i have found a way to convert the wav files to mp3 online however when you try to convert on the eve phone via the web in the browse option tab it gives you 'upload disabled'. these sites worked for me but only on a home computer. Swiftconverter: Online Audio File Conversion Free online...
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    my first android phone experience

    i'm new to the community and new to to this android stuff. learning more each day which is good. wow what an upgrade the eve is from a motorola v3t ,lol. it was state of the art 3 yrs ago. one thing i have to get use to is the boot up time 1min+ on droid. advanced task killer app brought my...
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    audio converter for wav at least

    i have heard of this wave remote which i think is no longer up in the market. i can't even find where to d/l for 1.98 or whatever it is. like many of us i'm looking for an app that will open my .wav file from my voice mail msg's as eve will not support this file. an app that would be great is...