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  1. Zolo185

    Metro users: what APN are you using?

    Basically what the title says. Ive been switching thru a few that were added to a rom I flashed. And the speeds vary and are never really consistent. What APN setting are getting you the best speed in your area I'm in Miami, FL and on metros I stay around 7 down and 3up. And tmobiles standard I...
  2. Zolo185

    What APN are you using on your nexus 5?

  3. Zolo185

    Help [Solved] Nexus 5 T-Mobile APN stick?

    I've read that people have been trying the T-Mobile APN config but it won't stick. I'm of course on the metro APN and my speeds are worse than when I had my cmda s3 . its be kool to be able to use the T-Mobile config that seems to be included Any one know why it won't stick or how to make it...
  4. Zolo185

    [Solved] Nexus 5 T-Mobile APN stick?

  5. Zolo185

    Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] Hope to see you guys again

    Hey s3 FAM . moving on to the nexus 5 finally. I appreciate everyone's hard work and their help hope to see you over on the nexus side.
  6. Zolo185

    What screen protector are you using?

    Hey everyone , I'm new to the nexus 5 but been a member of AF for awhile(just migrated from the S3). Just got the device and i want to protect it as much as i can. Already have the Spigen Slim armor on it so i kind of want a screen protector that will fit with the case. Been looking at some on...
  7. Zolo185

    (Help) Want to change status bar icons

    I'm rooted and on the latest illusion ROM. In its settings I can already change the colors of the clock and battery icon but I still need to change the color of the WiFi and signal indicators . If anyone knows of an app or xposed mod that will help me to do so then I would greatly appreciate it.
  8. Zolo185

    Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] Multi view all app mod? Anyone have it?

    Im on stock MF2 rooted and would like to see if there's a mod for all apps in multi view. I've used #2 and Metropolis but id like to stay stock for awhile. I've heard of people using xposed mods for this but if that's the only way then how do i get xposed thing on stock rooted? Thanks in...
  9. Zolo185

    BBM Messanger

    Anyone try it yet? Just got the email saying that it's available but i'm away from my phone and was hoping some one can give some feedback on it.
  10. Zolo185

    Wireless charging for galaxy s3?

    Hey has one bought one of the kits or the individual parts ? And if so what's Ur review on it. I wanna buy one soon but idk if I can trust the build quality of them
  11. Zolo185

    Root [T-Mobile] How can i update bootloader?

    How can i update the bootloader for T-mobile s3 (rooted) . I want to flash Cm10.1 but it says i have to update the bootloader in order for it to go correctly
  12. Zolo185

    Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] i need a stock player for illusion

    I just need a good music player for illusion rom that would be compatible with easy phone tunes sync app (itunes)
  13. Zolo185

    Hyperion Samsung Galaxy SIII 7000mAh Extended Battery

    So i guess that Hyperion got jelly of Zerolemon. Anyone try it out yet? Amazon.com: Hyperion Samsung Galaxy SIII 7000mAh Extended Battery + Free Black HoneyComb Extended Battey TPU Case (Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300, AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung i747, Verizon Samsung Galaxy...
  14. Zolo185

    Anyone use another case for the Zerolemon ?

    I was wondering if anyone out there has tried out a case that would fit the Zerolemon Extended battery for our phone. I know that some people here have more than 1 case and sometimes more than 1 extended battery case. So have you guys tried to use another extendbattery case with the zerolemon...
  15. Zolo185

    Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] Whats a good kernal for Cm?

    Like the title says... Whats a good kernal to run on the latest Rc of CM
  16. Zolo185

    Here's a waterproof setup

    Here is just something that i thought you guys out there might have been looking for and have needed this for awhile.(i know i did) Amazon.com: Wisedeal Portable External Mobile Battery Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 High Efficiency Charger: Cell Phones & Accessories Amazon.com...
  17. Zolo185

    Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] 4g has vanished ! and isnt coming back :/

    I flashed the synergy rom earlier and everything was working fine but it was killing my battery so i went to pac man and my 4g wouldn't turn on. So i restored to Axis which i knew everything was working for me (even 4g). And to my surprise 4g wasn't turning on either. I restored 4 different roms...
  18. Zolo185

    Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] roms with group messaging ?

    what are some Roms with group messaging already built in? Ones where It's default settings are like that or that are easy to set up.
  19. Zolo185

    Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] Google now update not working :/

    im on bb8 with inverted gapps and the google now update wont update from the market. Is there a fix ?
  20. Zolo185

    Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] emoji keyboard?

    does anyone have the emoji keyboard that would work on 4.2.2 ?
  21. Zolo185

    Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] how can i get lean kernal ?

    I've been seeing that people keep mentioning it on diffrent threads but how can i get it , should i use the sprint version or the us cellular ?
  22. Zolo185

    Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] Can dsp manager go on stock?

    Is there a way to install dsp manager to stock JB ?
  23. Zolo185

    Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] calling with headphones :/

    The factory headphones you get with the phone are great but when i make calls they stop working. Same thing is happening with other headphones with mics. Im on BB7 is it the rom ? becuz on Cm10.1 it would work also on aokp it also worked and of course on stock it worked. Can anyone help ? This...
  24. Zolo185


    Has anyone bought this ? Amazon.com: SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII S3 i9300 EXTENDED BATTERY CASE RECHARGEABLE - WHITE: Cell Phones & Accessories Ive seen some others like it. Each one diffrent from the last. Does anyone own one and have any opinions on it? I want to extend my battery life(without having...
  25. Zolo185

    Best charger ?

    What some of the best chargers for our phone? I want a car charger that will rapidly charge my battery on my daily commute, also an at home charger that will charge the phone faster (obviously) or have an at home charger that will help with battery life. Anyone have any suggestions ?