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  1. rcrott1

    Help google wallet for us?

    Anyone find an alternative to google wallet, seeing as gwallet isn't compatible
  2. rcrott1

    Latest replacement phone.

    Now on my 4th replacement refurb rez...(so my 5th one total.) on the phone with them Verizon, and they are sending me a Nexus instead. not sure how i feel about it...but the latest rezound that was received TODAY will not get online, wifi wont work, phones heating up really badly... im so tired...
  3. rcrott1


    Not sure if any of you were looking to stream movies/tv shows from your home laptop to the tf300, but i bought the Plex app from the play store the other day and installed the media center on a few of my home laptops and have been QUITE impressed at how it is working. great stream quality for...
  4. rcrott1

    Best android Wifi Printing app?

    I have a Lexmark x4650 and a Rezound and want to be able to print from my phone while the printer is connected to my network.. I tried Cloud Print, no dice..wouldn't find my printer. I tried Printer Share, no dice... same problem. any other apps that will work??
  5. rcrott1

    Megaupload - Bye, Bye - Indicted!!

    Feds Say 7 From Megaupload.com Ran Massive Worldwide Piracy Website | Fox News not sure if anyone else has seen this, but the Feds busted the founders of megaupload.com and have blocked the site.........
  6. rcrott1

    weird issue

    in my messages application, for texting, i have ONE phone number that is synced in my phone that will NOT show the name of the contact, at all... it shows for everyone else, just not that one... any suggestions?
  7. rcrott1

    What are your favorite apps so far for the Rezound?

  8. rcrott1

    Root Help!

    Trying to root my wife's nookColor. flashed recovery mod on there. wont let me install CM7. working from a Mac. I have access to a PC if it will be easier from there, but everything i have tried wont let me put anything on, nor will it let me revert it back to stock. grr.
  9. rcrott1

    Launcher Pro problem

    recently, any time i reboot my Inc2, my default home goes back to the stock Sense instead of Launcher Pro, and i then have to download Home Switcher and select Launcher Pro. any one know how to fix this permanently?
  10. rcrott1

    Gingerbread Early

    Full Gingerbread RUU for the DROID Incredible 2 Leaks, Rooted Version Too - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog Available to be used with a non-rooted phone.
  11. rcrott1


    STILL works!! for those of you who do not know, the ##778# send trick still works on the inc2. used it this morning. For full information on how to do this, read this thread here http://androidforums.com/incredible-tips-tricks/74400-howto-tether-natively.html
  12. rcrott1

    Help New Google Voice Update

    So i updated the GV app the other day, and all it has done so far is slow my phone down like crazy. it takes forever to load, send messages, everything is just uber slow on it now. bleh. anyone else having this issue?
  13. rcrott1


    From the same developer as TAJM, comes BattStatt.. a super simple, clean looking battery widget. Looks amazing next to the clock widget he has already developed. available on appbrain. BattStatt - Android app on AppBrain
  14. rcrott1

    Help Swype Help

    so my swype stopped working a few weeks ago, i uninstalled it and reinstalled it today.... rebooted my phone, and made sure Enable Swype is checked, when i long press on the settings button on the stock keyboard, the only options i get for keyboard input are QWERTY, phone keypad, compact QWERTY...
  15. rcrott1

    Help Why LauncherPro?

    Alrighty, I was curious as to what the point of the program is? I see so many people using it, but why?
  16. rcrott1

    Help saving ringtones

    If someone Emails you a ringtone, the only option i see is to "Preview" anyone have any clue how to save the mp3?
  17. rcrott1

    When someone emails you a ringtone

    How can you download it? the only option i get is "preview"
  18. rcrott1


    HomePipe is First to Stream iTunes Music to Android Devices | Droid Life: A Motorola Droid Blog little blurb from the site A couple of weeks ago during an App Roundup, we pointed out the release of HomePipe into the Android Market as a competitor to Dropbox and LogMeIn. Well as of today...