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    Android laptop for $ 80

    According to a leaked Black Friday Toys 'R' Us ad, toys store will carry an $80 7" laptop powered by Android. The netbook will come with Wi-Fi, three USB sockets, and come in at 2 pounds. The next impressive thing is the $140 Sylvania made tablet. The 7-inch tablet will run Android 2.1...
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    Galaxy Tab Pre Sale on Sprint for $400

    Sprint - Cell phones, nextel phones, wireless phones, direct connect, two-way radio Sprint sent out an email today to Sprint Premiere customers letting them know about the 3 day Pre Sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Originally priced at $600 without contract and $400 with a 2 yr contract...
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    Fascinate for $100 at Newegg

    I got the link through Newegg.com HERE
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    Sprint Premiere customers get Epic email

    I just got an email asking me if I wanted to reserve the Samsung Epic 4G. According to the email the phone comes out on 8/31 and sell for $250 after a $150 instant discount and a $100 MIR. Here is the link for those Premiere customers HERE! According to my friend Radio Shack will also be...
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    Owning a Mac is a lot like dating a narcissistic model

    Having an Apple product is a lot like dating a narcissistic super model. She's hot and beautiful and everyone envies you, but when things go bad you have to shell out a lot of $$$$ to fix things. Not to mention that you have to play by her rules (locked) and treat her like a baby because...
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    Samsung Moment & Hero Get No 2.2/Froyo Love

    Earlier today Sprint posted a twitter update stating the EVO 4G would be getting 2.2 "soon." As soon as that was posted many Sprint users who have the Samsung Moment and HTC Hero asked if they too would be getting the much awaited OS upgrade. Well Sprint has responded. The answer is, "No!"
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    Root and then WiFi Tether

    Unrevoked did an easy root app click here to download. Just install and run. Reboot and that's it. And once you root you can run WiFi Tether and avoid the $30 charge. Click here to download WiFi Tether.
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    Accessories Plantronics Explorer 230 Bluetooth free w/ Evo

    Today I went to my BB to ask why they hadn't called me for my Evo 4G Appt. the guy told me they weren't doing that anymore. That they have 24 pre-orders and if I was one of those I could come in at 10 a.m. when they open. I was disappointed and asked them why they wouldn't open at 8 a.m. like...
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    Plantronics Explorer 230 Bluetooth free w/ Evo

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    Square Android Moto

    Droid Dog reported a square Motorola Droid. The phone, which looks like the Nokia 7705 Twist, will have 2.1 and MotoBlur. Specs are unknown.
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    Samsung Moment 2.1 roll out?

    According to ozcarguide.com Sprint has been rolling out Android 2.1 to some of its users. Something that stand out are: 1. It's faster and more responsive. 2. Built in VPN 3. Bluetooth software enhanced. 4. Slide function to answer a call. 5. SMS voice input (suitable when texting and driving...
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    Samsung Moment 2?

    According to WeRAndroid.com, Samsung and Sprint seem to have a Moment 2 underwraps. Based on the article there are no specs on the phone,except that it is running 2.1. The design hasn't changed much either, with the exceptions of the chrome trimming and keyboard keys.
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    Sony X10 for $150?

    According to Mobilesyrup.com, Canadian mobile carrier, Rogers, is in the works of getting the Xperia10 from Sony and subsidizing the phone for as low as $150.
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    Sharp meet Android

    According to Business Week Sharp will introduce a 5 in. screen phone /w physical keyboard this summer. The carrier is said to be KDDI Corp., the country
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    N1 for Sprint Official

    Yes! For those on Sprint you too can know be part of the Android "in" crowd. According to Sprint's press release "Nexus One is a powerful device that belongs on a powerful network. This is another step in our continued partnership of innovation with Google," said Fared Adib...
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    Opera 5 Beta in the Market

    A lot of us have been waiting for this moment. OPERA perhaps the best mobile browser can be downloaded off the Market. This will be a BETA version of Opera 5. According to reports, the browser will send and receive the information through its server and compress the images for a faster mobile...
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    Sprint releases Moment update CL14

    In their tweet Sprint states user can download Samsung Moment Cl14 update. The firmware, which is supposed to fix battery quirks and minor issues, has been a topic of conversation ever since its corporate release about a month ago. My users have had difficulties trying to find location that...
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    Skyfire develops for Android

    Skyfire is set to jump into the Android platform. The mobile browser, which supports flash and silverlight content, has been quiet during Android's widespread implementation. Skyfire stated Kolbysoft technology will be used to develop a version of its browser for Android. For information...
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    Nook gets second update

    According to Cnet writer, David Carnoy, the Android based Nook just received a major update. The update, v1.2, has the following improvements: Enhanced in-store seamless connectivity to enjoy free Wi-Fi, with more in-store content and promotions exclusively for Nook owners Improved opening...
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    Nexus 1 meet AT&T

    According to the FCC ID: T-mobile 9100 and suppposed to be AT&T's 9110 version. Based on the RF reports the phone carries its 3G on WCDMA Bands I, II, and V, which means it will work on AT&T (and Rogers, Bell, and Telus for the Canadians in the room) and most Europe. Hopefully it wont have the...
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    Sprint to Carry Android/WiMax Phone

    A few weeks ago various online website reported a WiMax phone coming out on Q2 for Sprint. However, as the weeks have progressed it seems this yet-to-be released phone will be made by HTC. The mobile device is code named Supersonic (which will prob change) and will carry the following features...
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    32GB microSD coming on Feb

    According to the press release by Samsung, they are about to start mass producing 32GB microSD this coming February. w00t! Now I'm sure half of you will say, "When are they rolling out with 64gb?" Well young Skywalker...baby steps. SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Samsung...
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    Samsung Moment V2

    It seems Samsung and Sprint have decided to roll out a more efficient Moment. Samsung has decided to use a ATSC Mobile DTV chip This chip is supposed to lower power utilization, and is smaller and cost less than its multi-chip counterparts. The cool thing about DTV is that it picks up signals...
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    Get your Nexus on

    Google link here to purchase the most talked about phone of the month. There are options to buy the Verizon and Vodafone versions, but it states available on Spring 2010. Currently, T-Mobile users can get the phone for $180 w/ a 500 + min. plan or pay $530 off the bat.