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    Help sd storage

    So... normally if I just plug my phone in via USB to my computer, I have the option to mount as a disk drive. for some reason, I cannot do this on my one x+... anyone else have this issue or could help me with this? I need to get pictures off of there where I can upload them directly to an album...
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    Battery Life

    Anyone have battery issues with their Vivid? Over the past month I have noticed that my quality of battery life has declined. I used to be able to go to 6pm without having to charge my phone. I keep it plugged into the charger at work if I listen to music. However, the second I take it off and...
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    Help time/clock issue

    has anyone had issues within the past week or so with their time? For example - I send a text message as a reply to someone's message to me. Their reply to my text is still shown as first while my reply to their text is showing that I sent it before receiving theirs. Now, I'm an hour off on...
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    Help This is getting annoying

    My phone has been restarting, turning off, etc for the past week and a half. I have no idea what is going on. I'm tired of getting new phones, etc but I have no idea why it is doing this. I know if I take it into AT&T I will get one as a refurbished one and I don't want that. Anyone else...
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    simply amazing<3

    I love this phone!! I got the HTC Inspire when it first came out (first day). The only thing I didn't like was that there was no front facing camera. So when I heard about the HTC Holiday, I was wondering when that would come out. I just picked up the HTC Vivid (added a line so I didn't have to...
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    PicPlz or Streamzoo?

    So I'm very upset that Instagram is for iPhone users only.. and the sad thing is, I see half of my friends using the application with their friends, etc. I was looking into different applications that are similar with the username capability, etc and found PicPlz and Streamzoo. Has anyone...
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    Help camera pictures disappearing

    running into problems with disappearing pictures that I take with my camera. the other day, I took a picture of a flyer because I needed the information from it. everything was fine. checked it a few days ago and the pictures (2) were gone. went to the same place last night and took more...
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    OnLive download issue

    So I recently got the update for the OnLive software update. But it keeps coming back as error downloading update, please try again. Every single time I go to update it.. I'm connected WiFi obviously.. but I don't get it. Any help would be appreciated!
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    camera question

    Okay so I have to say I love the camera on my Inspire. It is amazing. The pictures come out so vibrant and the colors actually show. Compare it to my Canon 12mp SD1400 camera, I'd rather use my phone just because of the colors. Who makes the camera inside of the phone? I know that's a strange...
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    Help sideload update problem

    Okay so I called into AT&Ts tech support and was successful on getting the sideload update. Almost immediately. But now I can't download from the marketplace and instantly get an error message saying that my download was unsuccessful. It only just started happening after the update and now I'm...
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    Help no sideloading yet :(

    this started on the 16th.. and its the end of the 27th and I still haven't received this update. I don't get it at all. what's so hard about releasing this in a timely matter? two weeks of waiting on monday for me. I said in another comment that at least I have my Flyer tablet. I've already...
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    Help weather & internet browser

    Does anyone know a good weather application I can download on my Flyer? I currently have Weather Bug Elite and I love it.. but it fits better on my HTC Inspire. So if I pull up certain alerts.. like the tornado warning we had yesterday.. it doesn't show the whole message. I normally use...
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    Help :(

    Guess I'll be returning my HTC Flyer after not even having it 24 hours and hope they have another one in stock. Why? 1) Wall Charger wouldn't pick up a charge on my tablet on initial charge. I left it alone for two hours charging it and it actually decreased in battery. It never charged. I...
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    got my HTC Flyer :)

    I picked my preorder up at the local Best Buy Mobile store in the mall. They didn't have any pens in stock but they were able to get me one at the actual Best Buy location... and I got that pen for $58.14... I got a 10% discount on the pen :) $403.84 (after my $110.00 reward zone certificate)...
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    business card reader

    So I've tried CamCard and it's okay. Actually it is great. But just not what I was exactly looking for so maybe someone can help me 1. I'm looking for a business card holder app 2. Android market or at least one that will sideload on a HTC Inspire. my phone isn't rooted & I don't plan to...
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    Help 8GB SD Card Problem :(

    So... I've been able to access my pictures & everything from my SD card while plugged into the computer and while using the MicroSD adapter SD card. Suddenly, I mount my phone to use as a disk drive. SD card doesn't show up. I take it out of the phone and put it into the adapter. Then I put...
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    best calendar with desktop app

    so... I have been reading the calendar app posts.. but I have a question. is there an application just like palm calendar that has the calendar sync desktop ability. I'm not crazy about the whole gmail calendar, etc. I don't want anything web-based. so basically I just want something very...
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    shoot me - screen grabber for htc inspire

    so.... shoot me - screen grabber used to be work on my htc aria.. and it wasn't rooted. I installed it on my htc inspire, not rooted as well, and it won't work. any alternatives to this program that will work on phones that aren't rooted?
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    Gingerbread 2.3? :)

    So.... when does everyone think we'll get 2.3? lol
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    data plan... omg :(

    so...... when AT&T was "fixing" my APN settings for over an hour. They told me the manager had to switch something in the system so I could keep my unlimited data plan & be able to access the internet without wifi. I asked more than once if I still had my unlimited data plan. I was flat out...
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    text messaging :(

    so just got the inspire... yay :) but I'm having major issues with my text messaging.. it keeps freezing. like it takes forever to open the messages... it takes forever to select a person to send them to... type the message, etc. anyone else having these problems? and I had issues with...
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    anyone have any idea what the pricing might be for this? I'm not eligible for an upgrade (used that on my HTC Aria) so I'm more interested in full price cost even though I will be getting it through at&t premier's website
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    Root HTC Aria - Rooting

    I've looked in the aria section.. but I've never rooted a phone before in my entire life. I've done Blackberry upgrades on OS, and had step-by-step instructions. But I've also had it where my blackberry flip crashed after installing a new operating system. I don't want to do anything wrong...
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    HTC Sync

    HTC Sync desktop program... I'm at a loss. My Aria never came with a CD to install software. Where can I get the HTC Sync software?
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    SMS App?

    1. is there a 'better' app for sms & mms messaging? like with more smiley faces? my boyfriend sends smileys and he has a blackberry bold.. but half the time I can't see them unless its a smiley I also have. 2. is there an app that supports blackberry messenger? 3. also, I used to have a palm...