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    Android Intent help for login redirection

    Hey all :) Im trying to add an intent to my java code in order for login/register to be redirected to Main Activity. Have seen examples of intent around the web but unsure of how to add one within my code without messing it up. Does anyone know how to do so? Thank ya:love:
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    Android Studio Webview help

    @Junior Weber & @olbriar Thank yall so very much for the help:love:
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    Android Studio Webview help

    Hey all:) I have an app that requires a login. Well after login my screen gets redirected back to the login page not the main page. Does anyone know where at in the code (within the java or xml page) do I edit so that after login it successfully goes to the main page. Thank ya
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    "Can't resolve symbol 'mywebview'"

    Hey all:giggle: Adding Webview to my app since I have website already made but getting the error above within my MainActivity.java page. All of the xml file are coded fine its just this problem. Can anyone help? Thank ya!!! Code: private Webview mywebview; @override protected void...
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    Newbie-Deploy from Android studio to Google Play

    Hello I have my app ready to deploy to Google Play from Android studio. The problem is I have no clue how to do it. Can anyone help? Thank ya