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    Wireless Connection Time ?

    Hi Are there any apps about that will show how long my current wifi connection has been active ? I've had issues with the S3 and the BT HomeHub3. I've just upgraded to 4.1.2 and it does seem better, but I'd like to monitor it ! Thanks :D
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    Help My Location - NOT !!

    Hi I've just moved from a HTC Desire to a Galaxy S3. Bought new sim free and upgraded to 4.1.1 via kies. Currently the my location seems to be all over the place. In the browser ( stock or chrome ) it can't find my location. In maps it gets me pretty accurately. If I search or ask...
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    Can't read PDF's ???

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    Help Bluetooth Alerts ??

    Hi When I connect via bluetooth to my car, calls ring via the car speakers and I can make and receive calls fine. But when I get a txt I get no audio alert via the car and nothing via the phones speaker. It still vibrates. I've tried various apps that are meant to help with alerts via...
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    Root S-Off Linux - Advice !! :)

    Hi I've downloaded Revolutionary for Linux. Run it from a command prompt, and it's asked for my beta key. I was about to paste it into the command prompt... but thought I'd check here first. Apart from revolutionary is there anything else I need ? any files I need to download prior ro doing...
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    Boots, without any logo's or animations !! Help

    Hi My daughters GT540 wouldn't boot. Started to with the LG logo's and anim etc.. The would stop. I was advised to run KDZ, which failed the first time with:
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    Schedule 3G Data and Email Checking

    Hi I'm running Oxygen 2.2.2 is there anyway to set times for 3G data to be come active, check email accounts, then disconnect again ?? Thanks :)
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    Root Stock O2 RUU ? Which One ?

    Hi I've no plans to flash my phone back to stock, but what RUU file do I need just in case !! The phone was purchased from O2 and came with 2.1 Is there an O2 2.2 or 2.3 RUU available ? I'd like to download it and know I have a backup if needed :) Thanks
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    Root Oxygen 2.2.1 - Couple of mods needed.

    I've just moved from CM7.0.3 to Oxygen 2.2.1 Seems to have gone OK, but there are a couple features I miss and was hoping apps/hacks/mods were available... 1. Unlock and wake using trackpad and/or other buttons ?? 2. Change the lock screen. I liked the CM7.0.03 lock screen any way to do the...
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    Root Cleaning SD Card, Backing up Nandroid Backups.

    Hi Hopefully a couple of simple questions.. 1. My SD card has numerous directories and I don't know what they belong to. Is there any simple way to find our, so I can delete anything unneeded ? 2. Can I simply copy my Nandroid backups to my PC, and then copy them back if they are needed later...
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    Root Oxygen 2.2.1 - Disk Space Low !

    Hi I've just installed Oxygen 2.2.1 and used Titanium Backup to reload my apps and data. Now I'm getting Low Disk Space warnings. Running FreeSpace I get: Cache: Size 40 MB Used 1 MB Free 38 MB Data: Size 170 MB Used 128 MB Free 19 MB Ext: Size 1510 MB Used 206 MB Free 1303 MB SD-Card...
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    Root Moving from CM7.03 -> Oxygen - GingerVillian ??? Which way to go..

    I'm currently running CM7.03, works well, but I've started having reboot, hanging issues. So I plan to try Oxygen or GingerVillian... any one fancy telling me their pro's and cons ? Thanks :)
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    Root Can't read PDF's ???

    Cyanogen mod 7. For some reason I don't seem to be able to open or view any pdf files. Any idea how I get them working again. Rebooting hasn't helped. Thanks
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    Help GT540 - Wont boot

    My son's GT540 running stock 1.6 from car phone warehouse is having problems booting up. When you turn it on you get the LG Logo, followed by the LG anim and then it powers off.. I've tried it with and without the SD card and sim Any ideas ?? I can take it back to carphone warehouse as it's...
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    Root Phone reboot cycle...

    Hi After the issue with my /data being full, then rebooting and it was fine, my phone started to reboot every 5 - 10minutes. Not sure how long it had been doing this for.. but it would reboot, restart, work for a few minutes then reboot etc.... Only new app I'd installed was blueputdroid...
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    Root Disk space low - what the !!!!

    Rooted Desire, running CM7 & ManU v1.4 Kernel S2E is installed. Phones just told me I'm running out of disk space ! S2E is set as : Applications YES Private Apps YES Dalvik cache YES Download cache YES Application data is greyed out, size is 32MB FreeSpace reports Rebooted the phone and now...
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    Root Flash new ROM, Calibrate Battery ?

    Hi I'm debating trying GingerVillian once I've flashed it will I need to re calibrate the battery ? Thanks
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    Root Uninstall ROM Manager !

    Hi I used unrevoke to root my stock 2.2 desire. The added Rom Manager... Since them I've insatlled cyanogen 7 and restored my apps using Titanium Backup.. Now Rom Manager won't uninstall.. All I get is 'uninstall unsuccessful' How the heck do I get rid of it ! ? Thanks
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    Root Google Navigation - No Voice ?

    Hi I've installed cyanogen 7 and the google apps. Just noticed no voice navigation.. How do I get that ? Thanks :)
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    Root Cyanogen 7 - Couple of app issues.

    Just installed Cyanogen 7 and it seems to be running well. ( thanks to the help on here :) ) I have a couple of issues. I use Artis Fancy Contacts Widget, and this has always worked well for me. Since reinstalling it won't show any images from facebook contacts. Images from gallery are fine...
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    Root Flashing my first ROM !!

    Hi This is my phone : I've rooted it using unrevoked, resized my SD Card using Gparted and created 6.5GB FAT32 & 1.5GB Ext3 partitions. So now I want to try a new ROM ! First time so bit nervous etc.. Created a backup using titanium and a nandroid backup. So what's next ? I'd like to try...
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    Help Google Navigation

    Is there any way to change or increase the volume / voice on Navigation.. ? It works well but sound awful !
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    Accessories Desire Car Charger

    Hi I bought a cheap ebay car charger for my Desire. It's meant to charge as an AC charger but doesn't seem to. The phone shows power source as AC. Today I started a 30 minute journey with 94% battery. I enabled 3G and GPS and ran navigation. At the end of the journey I was down to 72% even...
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    3G Data connection app. Data, stats, speed etc

    Hi Are there any simple free apps that will show details of my 3G data connection. Eg: connected speed, IP Adress details, any stats, diags etc ?? Thanks
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    Help GT540 contacts widget needed

    Currently my son and daughter are both on android 1.6 (I have asked for advice about upgrading).. But are there any good contacts widgets available for them on 1.6 ? we have tried a couple but none of them seem to allow us to select the contact !! Thanks