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    Android App, Let's Choose the Database

    Hey Folks, Yes, I want to launch a poll about the right choice of the database. Let's analyze together the pros and cons of the most famous databases to define the correct choice for our app. Indeed of course, the choice varies depending on the final purpose of our App, so let's try to give a...
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    Hello guys, I'm really new here, hope someone could help. I ve a problem apparently simple, but i'm going crazy to fix it! So, as title saying, I'm trying to add a new document in my Cloud Firestone using this way: private void saveOnFireCloud(String userID, String name, String email) {...
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    Who am I?

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Peter and I'm from Rome. How's your quarantine madness going? I'm managing mine pretty well! I have a degree in Computer Engineering and I work as a Developer (Fullstack) for a company around here. My passions: Theater, cooking, music composition, painting...