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    Unlock Pixel 5g

    I did and both the Verizon and Tmobile sims are not working
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    Unlock Pixel 5g

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    Unlock Pixel 5g

    Phone said no sim
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    Unlock Pixel 5g

    I own a Verizon Pixel 5g that I bought and having unlock issues. I checked the IMEI with multiple sources and IMEI shows as unlocked. This both for the sim & carrier. I went to Verizon & Tmobile store and both told me the phone was unlocked. Tried unlocking the phone with the EID #. Also tried...
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    Behavior based antimalware....?

    Was wondering if anyone has seen any behavior based antimalware.....? With all the malicious apps it would be nice if there some behavior antimalware app...? It seems doable with all the cpu power and the AI by IBM and Micosoft...
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    Timecard gps app

    Looking for best free GPS time care app...?
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    Android 13 suddenly started using Dolphin browserg a lot of data...?

    I have noticed recently that Android 13 started using a lot data the past few weeks. My phone has used almost 6GB's of data. Not sure why since I am not doing anything very data intensive. Have also noticed that Android did away with the view all app permissions . I switched all my apps to ask...
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    Battery charge level indicator (Pixel 4 XL).....?

    A few days ago the percent charge showing stopped working on my pixel 4 XL stopped working. I checked my settings and the it displayed the "battery monitor" not working. Also tried depressing hard on the screen to see if this is if the battery might be swelled up. A reliable phone repair place...
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    Phone dialer has stopped working S5

    I have stock unrolled s5 with Android 6.0.1. When I receive a call I get the "phone has stopped working" that keeping appearing. The only way to stop the error message is to restart the phone. This started happening after a upgrade earlier this year. Have resetting the phone and wiping the...
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    Tmobile vs Metropcs voice quality....?

    Does anyone happen to know if the voice quality is any better with Tmobile. I have Metropcs, but the voice quality is terrible at home. I am wondering if Tmobile uses a different frequency......? The voice quality of Metropcs is often unusable at home in San Diego 92107.
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    Help Dialer & random app crash

    I recently did a factory reset on my S5. After doing so the ph dialer app has been crashing randomly when akin or receiving calls. The really irritant thing is that the only way to stop the notification from showing is restart the phone. A Samsung employee recently told me to delete the old...
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    Dialer & random app crash

    I recently did a factory reset on my S5. After doing so the ph dialer app has been crashing randomly when akin or receiving calls. The really irritant thing is that the only way to stop the notification from showing is restart the phone. A Samsung employee recently told me to delete the old...
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    Changing default browser for Google Now...?

    How do I change the default browser for Google Now...? Currently using Android 6.0.1 and there does seem to be a way to change the default browser. Checked the application manager and there does not seem to be a option to do so...?
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    Poor voice quality the past week or so.....?

    Has anyone been experiencing poor voice quality lately.....? I have been noticing that the voice quality for Metropcs in SD has been awful this past week....? I have been primarily in my neighborhood recently. So it's possible that T-mobile has been having tower issues...?
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    Help Looking s3 t999L QCN file....?

    I recently discovered that my IMEI was missing after I switched over to MetroPCS. So I need to find a QCN for my S3 T999L. If someone can upload it somewhere or email it to me I would be most appreciative...? Thanks Randy
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    I am considering switching to Metropcs, but their reviews about their service are awful. I am wondering if T-Mobile is doing much to address the service issues and the overall operation of Metropcs.
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    Google calendar app not displaying events

    For some strange reason Google calendar app stopped displaying events that are created in the Google web calendar. I tried all the steps in the Google Calendar help, but did not work. The other odd thing is that if I create events in the Calendar app they do display...?
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    Cricket ATT GSM

    I am thinking of switching to Cricket's new GSM service. Cricket does not offer tower roaming for data. So I am concerned the Internet speed will be slow sometimes. Cricket's GSM service wiill not allow tethering. So I a uncertain if it is possible with a Android app. The other issue that...
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    Help Win 7 not recognizing s2.....? (Only works in mass storage mode)

    Win 7 will not recognize my s2 device. Win 7 only sees the phone in mass storage mode. I have tried the usual solutions such as uninstalling the USB drivers and selecting and deselecting the PDA and Modem options in the USB dialog box on the phone. Also re-installed the Samsung drivers as well
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    Looking for Google Voice Callback App

    I was trying to find Google Voice Call Back....? I used to have it on my old phone, but it got deleted. Can someone upload it somewhere please..? Kind of irritated that it is longer on the Android market. There is some listings for it on the web. Most of them lead back to the Android market or...
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    Help Then off auto complete x10 keyboard...??

    How do I turn off autocomplete with the x10 keyboard..? I was checking the settings and I did see a option to turn this off.
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    Help screen jumps when using keyboard in landscape mode

    When i use the keyboard in landscape mode the screen jumps to the top and the cursor is no longer visible. So I cannot see what I am inputing without scrolling back up.
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    Virgin Mobile 4G

    Cricket recently announced that it is going to offer 4G. So I am wondering how long before Sprint will be forced to start offering 4G as well....?
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    Cricket to carry Motorola Droid (8/3/10)...?

    The guy at the local Cricket store told me that they are going to be getting Motorola Droid on 8/3/10. I have not seen any other news about this. Can anyone confirm this...?
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    Root Flashing HTC Droid Incredible to Cricket...

    Flashing HTC Droid Incredible to Cricket...? Has anyone flashed HTC Droid Incredible yet...?