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    Help Facebook version after froyo update T-Mobile

    Hi guys, Finally updated to Froyo last night and see that the facebook version is still 1.2, whereas the current version on the market is 1.3.2. Assume this is in the T-Mobile rom, but is there any way to uninstall it? Or if I install the current version will it go over the top (or will I end...
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    Help Location fails to update

    After a recent trip away I have come back and the HTC clock widget does not update to the current location... it is stuck on 'United Kingdom' instead of my current location... :cool: As a test I went for a drive today and whist 'Latitude' showed where I was, the google home page still showed...
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    Alarm hit and miss...

    I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I have created a new alarm.. say for 06:30, and every time I enable it states 'alarm in xx hours' then I wake up early and watch the phone go past this time, no alarm, and the alarm icon still in the notification area... :( As a test during the day I...
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    Default (own) contact sync with google?

    I have now deleted all my phone contacts and am managing everything in google. So when I click on people, only one contact comes up.... myself. Yet for some reason this does not link with google, so it's not syncing my picture or details... Anybody know how I can do this? You cannot delete...
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    CoPilot for android (and Iphone...)

    Started on the missus iphone that it stopped sayiing 'Welcome to CoPilot' when you started the app (even though it is switched to on in the settings), also none of the directions are audible yet the button clicks are fine... Sent a support request to ALK a week ago... no reply... Today fired...
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    HTC Stock app

    .... only allows 30 stocks..? Any alternatives?