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  1. SofTA

    Help SOLVED motion pictures

    Hello, I was recently forced to update my phone after two years, which has resulted in several issues. One is a new "feature" that turns every photo into a motion photo with a ginormous file size, and I can't figure out how to disable this. Does anyone know?
  2. SofTA

    Help post-update issues

    Hello, I recently updated my S10+ for the first time in 2 yrs. Now that the updates are all done, I'm having issues that my carrier says are not related to their service. The issues are: 1) I can only text 144 characters at a time. In the old days before you could text whole paragraphs, if...
  3. SofTA

    Help RESOLVED Network connected but no internet

    Hello, About a week ago I noticed I wasn't able to send/receive phone calls. In troubleshooting this issue, I reset the network settings & the issue was resolved. However, this is only part of the issue. Now I'm unable to access the internet unless I'm on wifi, which makes it impossible to use...
  4. SofTA

    how to disable/remove SmartFaceService

    Hello, I just installed an app called AntiStalker that monitors when apps use my camera or microphone. Some time ago, I covered the front & back cameras with electrical tape after hearing there is active facial scanning as a routine, and of course there's not much one can do to prevent an app...
  5. SofTA

    Help how to get msg off home screen

    Hello, Some months ago I disabled updates on my S10+ for personal reasons. Since then I've had a nagging "update your phone" message that takes up notification space on my home screen. Is there a way to get the message to go away?
  6. SofTA

    Help can't transfer files

    Hello, A couple of weeks ago I enabled developer mode so I could disable auto-updates. More recently, I paired my phone to my computer. Today I needed to transfer several files, so I connected my phone to my computer via USB, as I've done since day 1, except now the phone is only charging. I...
  7. SofTA

    Help lost SD card

    Hello, This morning I was transferring a few files from my computer to the SD card on my Galaxy S10+ as I've done many times before, but today the transfer repeatedly failed. Eventually I got a message that my SD card wasn't working properly and was read only and to go change the setting. I...
  8. SofTA

    Help Galaxy S7 makes calls & doesn't log them

    Hello, My new Samsung phone is dialing local numbers to people I don't know who are not in my contact list, and then hanging up. The calls don't show up in the log. I use a lock screen, so there's no butt dialing going on. And I have good security on the phone. It seems to happen a few hours...
  9. SofTA

    Help modem login problem

    Hello, I just re-set my Galaxy tab to factory tablet to give to my grandson. When I try to connect to my modem, the connection is "saved" but it can't connect. I am certain I am using/typing the right password. I just want to log in to Google Play and get him some game apps before he goes home...
  10. SofTA

    blue vs grey

    Hello, I'm new to Android and to KIES. Will someone please explain to me why my wifi icon in the tray is sometimes blue and sometimes grey? And would this have anything to do with syncing issues?
  11. SofTA

    Hey amigos!

    Hi there, I'm a new Android user. Got my first device, a Galaxy tab, just a few weeks ago, and am still learning my way around customization & sorting thru the gazillions of apps out there! Mostly having a blast doing so! I'm sure I'll be needing help sooner or later, so here I am.