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    Expandable memory, replaceable battery, big screen, ICS = me want!

    I never thought I'd get excited about a user-replaceable battery and a microSD slot in an Android phone, but given the horrible trend toward eliminating any expansion possibilities (*cough* HTC One *cough*), not to mention limited internal storage (*ahem* G. Nexus), I am bursting with joy. 64...
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    Farewell, SDXC! We barely knew ye.

    Now that 64 gig sdxc cards are becoming available, with larger ones just around the corner, Google and HTC have decided that most of us no longer need mass storage on our smartphones, so are eliminating the choice completely in such "flagship" models as the Galaxy Nexus and HTC One series. As...
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    Starter phone for T-Mobile?

    I need to get my wife a basic, inexpensive Android phone. Her Palm pda has died, and we just upgraded our family plan to have data on both lines, so I figure it's time to lose that old Nokia candy bar. I noticed the HTC MyTouch 3G on Amazon going for around $125. Is there something wrong...
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    HTC MyTouch 3G -- worth the $125?

    I need to get my wife a cheap Android phone to replace her ancient Nokia dumbphone on T-Mobile. The HTC MyTouch 3G is selling for really cheap on amazon, but is it cheap for a reason? I'm seeing prices all over the map for "new" Mytouch 3G's, depending on the color, apparently: $125, $140...
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    Help Replacement N1 - how to pull 2.2.1?

    I got a replacement Nexus One yesterday and it came with 2.2 installed. My original N1 had an OTA update to 2.2.1. How do I pull a new 2.2.1 update? I have searched but the one link reported to have the update is no longer valid...