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  1. toddpedersen

    Help Native Email Exchange Account Syncing Problem

    I have an EVO3D, unrooted with the latest software level. I noticed recently that I have a problem with the calendar auto syncing when it is opened. Before you answer, please read on..... Under my exchange account, I have verified that the checkbox is checked that allows email and the...
  2. toddpedersen

    Help For High Annual Cost of Cell Phones

    My wife has been complaining that we spend too much money each year on cell phones, and I think I finally know why. I believe I have been using an improper method when replacing my screen protector, which might be leading to premature phone replacement. My method is a bit unorthodox, and I DO...
  3. toddpedersen

    Help Standby(Blank Screen) To Lock Screen Problem (Solution: Replacement)

    I finally saw someone else report this over at the Android Forum. I thought it was just me. Basically, from Standby (Blank Screen) and pressing the power button to bring up the lock screen is hit or miss. Sometimes when I press the power button and my screen stays blank, but in low light...
  4. toddpedersen

    Help Default Text Message For Ignored Phone Calls

    So I am loving my E3D overall, but just came across something that I thought was odd and I am hoping there is a fix. Under the phone settings you can enter a default text message that gets send when you get a call and press the menu key and select Send Message. That works fine and well when...
  5. toddpedersen

    Home Key Hit and Hold Shortcut

    EDIT: The popup more specifically shows you running programs which I assumed would be intrepreted as recently used programs, but apparently I was not specific enough. If you press and hold the home icon, you get a popup with recently used programs.
  6. toddpedersen

    [App] Screen Off App/Widget

    I cannot believe there is not an app out there that turns off the screen/mimics the pressing of the power button. They are all over the place for WM phones. Anyone seen a widget or app that with one press, turns off the screen?