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  1. J

    Help ways to determine which app is using data?

    my data use is off the charts and while i use my phone a lot for web browsing, 3 gigs a month seems ridiculous to me. is there a way to determine which apps are using the most data? thanks.
  2. J

    Help incomplete apps list

    i am running cm7. when i open up my android marketplace and go to "my apps" i see an incomplete list. lots of missing apps and also some apps that i uninstalled months ago. i have tried force stopping the market and clearing the data but nothing helps. any suggestions?
  3. J

    Root different keyboards in landscape/portrait modes

    finally this seems to be rectified! Dual keyboard? Portrait/landscape switch??? - xda-developers ne0fhyk has created an app (root required) that will allow you to choose which keyboard you want to use in each orientation. i've always felt the stock keyboard was far superior in landscape...
  4. J

    Help notification sounds changing by themself

    anyone have a problem with notification sounds changing on their own? it seems that every once in a while my notifications will switch and its always to the same songs by don henley and blind guardian (lol). no one else is doing it and i havent been able to pinpoint a certain app or update that...
  5. J

    Help text entry issue, delays and inconsistency

    starting today i was having issues with text entry on my incredible. all touch input other than keyboard input works. if i restart and open up my handcent or any other app with text entry i cannot enter text. the keyboard shows up but does not respond to touch. i can press the entry box and...
  6. J

    Help dolphin hd issue with entering URLs?

    sometimes when i enter a URL in dolphin HD it will default to a google search of that URL. for example i type in "formspring.me/blahbah" and it will search for that. same thing with "www.formspring.me/blahblah" but if i type in manually "http://www.formspring.me/blahblah" it will load just...
  7. J

    Help edit "share via" list?

    when i choose to share a photo, i am hit with a huge list of available ways to share that photo, including apps that i would never think to use for sharing photos. is there a way to pare down this list to only include the methods i typically use for sharing photos? thanks
  8. J

    Help dismiss specific reminders?

    when a calendar reminder pops up, it stays in the notification bar if i do not dismiss it or press "dismiss all." however, since i dont always get around to completing the reminded tasks at the time they are scheduled, i don't dismiss them, so that they remain up there to remind me i have to...