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  1. J

    Gmail not syncing over WiFi?

    I'm having a problem with my Gmail not syncing over WiFi. Usually when I get a e-mail my notification would be instant, today I got an e-mail at 10:16 but never got the notification till 12. Not sure why this is but when i'm not on WiFi the notification is instant. Anyone else having this...
  2. J

    Profile picture?

    I had this setup fine with my Galaxy Nexus but for the life of me can't figure out it out with my Maxx. How do I get my profile picture to show up in SMS apps? I created my own contact with my picture but it only shows up in Gmail. With my Nexus all I needed to do was touch on the blank pic...
  3. J

    Google Voice issues?

    I use Google Voice when selling stuff on craigslist just so people don't get my number. The last few weeks i've been having a issue connection to the service though the web browser or the app on my phone. Is anyone else experiencing this? On the web I get "There was an error with your...
  4. J

    Help Just got the MAXX, have some issues/questions

    I've been using my MAXX for about a day now, coming from a Galaxy Nexus i'm in love with this battery life. Been using it all day and I still have 50% battery life left. Its a nice change. I do however have a issue and wanted to see if anyone could help me out. I'm noticing a good amount...
  5. J

    Getting VZW to give you 4gb for the price of 2gb?

    I"ve heard this is a possibility and wanted to see if anyone here has been able to talk a VZ rep into getting 4gb of data for the price of 2gb? I'm still on unlimited data, my wife and I are on a shared plan, combined we use about 2gb of data a month. I'm starting a new job in a few weeks...
  6. J

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus to RAZR HD

    I've been looking at the new RAZR's for a few weeks now, I need a phone with some real battery life. I currently have a Galaxy Nexus and like vanilla android and the ease of rooting. I'm just wondering if anyone has made the switch from the GNex to the RAZR HD and how the UI is compared to...
  7. J

    [Verizon] Question about NFC and Android Beam

    Last night I was hanging out with some friends, we both have kids and they were goofing around so I took some video. My friend who has a Galaxy S3 wanted a few of the videos so we tried to do NFC and it failed each time. I'm rooted and running JBsourcery, he's stock ICS. What it would do is...
  8. J

    [Verizon] Google now notifications??

    I'm not sure if this is Jellybean related or ROM related. I'm running JBSourcery Version 2.3 but from the first JB ROM I loaded (jelly Belly) I don't get any notifications with Google now other than the cards in the notification pull down menu, and even they don't appear all the time. Yet when...
  9. J

    [Verizon] Phone loosing service

    In need of some help here. Yesterday I noticed my phone data bars going gray quite often. Today at work I was loosing the network, the data bars were going completely away even though I was in a great 3G area. I was running Liquidsmooth's ROM but decided to flash JBsourcery. I don't think...
  10. J

    [Verizon] Unroot using Wugfresh

    I ulocked and rooted my phone using the Nexus toolkit by Wugfresh and I think i'm going to unroot it and run it stock for a little bit. Is this a good way to do it? Seems too easy haha. How To Root the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (One Click Method) (LTE and GSM Versions) - TheUnlockrTheUnlockr
  11. J

    [Verizon] Updating ROMS

    I'm running Liquidsmooths 1.25 ROM and haven't been back to check for updates since I loaded. I see that 1.4 is out now. Can I just load that on my SD Card and run it or do I need to uninstall 1.25 first?
  12. J

    [Verizon] Lockscreen wallpaper

    I'm running Liquidsmooth 1.25 ROM and i'm wondering if there is anyway to set picture I took with the phone as the lock screen photo without having to crop it half the size?
  13. J

    [International / GSM] New to rooting, could use some help

    Just got the GNex CDMA last weekend and i'm really not happy with the battery life so I'm going to explore rooting. I was pointed to the Wugfresh one click unlock method to unlock and root the phone. Just wondering if that is a good place to start? I'm was planning on updating to 4.0.4 but...
  14. J

    Sell me on the Nexus

    I'm currently using a iPhone 4 but I've had it for about a year so its time for something new. I've been looking at Nexus and the Moto RAZR, I've been leaning towards the Nexus which is why i'm posting this thread in here. All the reviews I've read say the battery life is horrible with the...
  15. J

    Samsung Fascinate

    I have a 4 month old Samsung Fascinate for sale. I'd give the condition 8/10 with some light marks on the back. Phone has had a screen protector on it since day one. Comes with original box and contents, 16gb storage as well as a rubber case. Asking $200 shipped priority mail with delivery...
  16. J

    Samsung Fascinate + cash for VZW Iphone 4

    Looking to trade my Samsung Fascinate and cash for a Verizon iPhone 4 16gb or 32gb. My SF is in great condition, I've had a seidio screen protector on it since day 1 and it comes with a rubber case. Some normal light scratches on the back but nothing thats an eye sore. The Fascinate comes...
  17. J

    iOS to Android back to iOS?

    I just got a txt message from VZW saying I was eligible for a early upgrade. I had the iPhone 3G, like it alot, then switched to the HTC Inc, and then to a Samsung Fascinate. I really like Android but the last few months its been giving me a headache, I have pretty much had to kill all my...
  18. J

    HTC Incredible for Samsung Fascinate

    Looking to trade Droid Incredible for samsung fascinate. Incredible comes with extended 1500mah battery and original 1300mah battery. Phone is in mint condition and has clean ESN. PM if anyone is interested.
  19. J

    HTC Droid Incredible

    Phone has clean ESN, comes with snap together case, new 1500mah extended battery and original 1300mah battery, screen protector, wall charger, original box and all manuals and media, and Android 2.2 PM me for pics or questions
  20. J

    iPhone to HTC Incrediable to Fascinate?

    I had an iPhone but but switch to Verizon for the Incredible. I love the phone but the one thing I miss about the iPhone is how wide the screen was. The Inc is to narrow and makes it kind of a pain to type. I've been checking out the Samsung and noticed the screen is wider much like the...
  21. J

    HTC Incrediable with some extra's for Samsung Fascinate

    Phone has clean ESN, comes with snap together case, new 1500mah battery and original 1300mah battery, screen protector, wall charger, original box and all manuals and media, and Android 2.2 PM me for trade, pics or questions
  22. J

    Help Android system usage?

    My wife and I both got our phone at the same time. Friday we got new 1500mah batterys. We both turned off our phones charged them full and took them off the chargers the following morning. I got over 14 hours of up time with about 3 hours of awake time before I put mine on the charger for...
  23. J

    Selling an iPhone 3G 8gb

    Any idea what would be a good price for my wifes 3g 8gb jailbroke and unlocked? The screen's in good shape but the back is pretty rough and has a decent size crack by the charging port. I Was thinking $150, and take $130 on craigs list?
  24. J

    Help MMS via ChompSMS

    I've been using ChompSMS for a while now and like all the features but I ran into a problem. When I send pictures the person receiving them gets them all blurry and fuzzy looking. When I used the stock message app they come though fine. I've been testing this sending pictures to my wife who...
  25. J

    Help Alternitive Facebook app?

    Coming from an iPhone I guess I was spoiled because the facebook app for Android sucks! Friend Stream is a little better but you can't upload pictures and don't' get notifications. Just wondering if there is anything better out there?