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  1. AHanks12

    Checkbook App??

    Okay guys I've checked the forum and found a couple threads related to my question but they all seem to end without a definitive answer, so here goes..... I'm looking for a checkbook register app that can be installed on 2 Android phones and will sync with one another. Example: My wife makes...
  2. AHanks12

    Why can't we get this!?....it's awesome!

    Glif - iPhone 4 Tripod Mount & Stand by Dan Provost — Kickstarter
  3. AHanks12

    Anyone use Watchdog??

    I found an app in the market called Watchdog Task Manager, I know we all have our opinions about task managers and I, for one, don't use them. With that being said, this app is apparently supposed to monitor your "running" apps and recommend to you which ones should be killed off.....as opposed...
  4. AHanks12

    Help Possible 2.2 Flaw??

    Is anyone else experiencing certain apps defaulting to landscape mode once they are opened even if you're holding the phone in portrait? I have noticed this since updating to 2.2. Especially with Handcent and the Market. At first I thought it might be an issue with the application but then I...
  5. AHanks12

    Accessories Dock with USB ports

    Found a pretty unique dock.....what do you guys think?? ThinkGeek :: Non-Slip Gadget Holder With 4 Port USB Hub
  6. AHanks12

    We're number 1, We're number 1!!!!

    Might be a re-post but it's a good article none-the-less. Android Beats iPhone & Blackberry As Top Selling Smartphone In USA! | Pinoytutorial Techtorial
  7. AHanks12

    Another one for our team!

    So yesterday I finally convinced a friend of mine to go with HTC Incredible instead of the new iPhone. The order is in and it's a done deal! She had been going back and forth on the issue for some time now and after several "test drives" using my DInc, she finally decided it was a better fit for...
  8. AHanks12

    Help Interupt the notification

    The scenario: My phone is sleeping. I get a text message. I have Handcent. I open the notification but the sound continues going off. I can't figure out how to interupt it. I have tried the volume keys, they don't work. I have tried the power/sleep key, it doesn't work. I have also tried swiping...
  9. AHanks12

    Automatic Airplane Mode

    Anyone know of an app that will automatically put my phone into airplane mode? I frequently go in and out of secure facilities throughout my work day and I often forget to put my phone in airplane mode, (using the widget), causing serious battery drain. Is there an app that will do it for me...
  10. AHanks12

    What photo storing site are you using?

    I have really taken advantage of the amazing camera on the Incredible. I have tons of "camera shots" and videos on my phone and I'm thinking about uploading them to an online site and deleting them from my phone. I've used Flickr, Photoshop.com and FB for storing photos. Just curious what you...
  11. AHanks12

    Shut up about the freakin' iPhone!!

  12. AHanks12

    Shut up about the freakin' iPhone!!

    Is anyone else as sick and tired as I am of hearing about the damn iPhone and how much better it is than the Android OS?! Everytime someone catches a glimpse of my phone it starts off with: "Oh, is that an iPhone?" To which, I reply..."No, It's the HTC Incredible." (I don't even bother saying...
  13. AHanks12

    Help Android OS Training Course

    Any one else get the email from Verizon about the free in-store training course on the Android OS?? I just got the email today.
  14. AHanks12

    Accessories Rugged Case

    I'm tired of waiting for Otterbox to release the Defender case for the Inc. I've gotten numerous emails from Otterbox staff all saying the same thing; "Currently, there are no plans to produce an Otterbox Defender Series case for the HTC Incredible...," anyone know of another company that makes...
  15. AHanks12

    Someone please ease my mind...

    So I have had my Inc for going on 1 month now and I'm constantly browsing the Market and websites looking for interesting apps. I download apps all the time. I also find myself purging my downloaded apps every few days and uninstalling the ones I rarely use. My fear is that I'm going to install...
  16. AHanks12

    Help Facebook for HTC Sense- Permanent Delete

    I know this has been discussed in other threads but it wasn't really the focus of those threads, (atleast from the search results I found). Has anyone figured out how to delete that P.O.S. Facebook for HTC program? Like many of you, it is really sucking up major battery life due to it never...
  17. AHanks12

    Help Is there an App for this??

    I've already done a search and came up empty handed. Anyone know of a good app that allows me to set up a folder for pictures that is password protected? I don't need my phone password protected just one little folder to keep photos in. Any advice would be much appreciated.