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    Installing Google Play via Android Studio (while rooted)

    Hi guys, I have been going through hell and back over the last week trying to get Google Play installed on Android Studio. Of course there are images that come with Google Play pre-installed, but I cannot root those images using adb root. Therefore, I have installed an Android image in Android...
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    Help Android music players all have the same, wrong album artwork

    I've started Googling last night on why all of the android music players show the wrong album artwork for my "Unknown" album. For example, when I play any song in this album, the big album artwork shows up, which basically shows a male rapper for like 80% of my songs. Playing music on the plane...
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    Help Galaxy S5 can't connect to WPA2 enterprise but galaxy note pro can

    I have both a Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. I also have a WPA2 Enterprise network that authenticates via RADIUS, and I'm trying to connect the phone to the wireless network. I can connect to the wireless network using the Galaxy Note Pro, but not the Galaxy S5, despite...
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    Help Google Wallet - Have to tap like 2x to get it to work?

    A few weeks ago I started using Google Wallet and thought it was pretty nice. However, I've only been successful one time with tapping my phone against the NFC reader only once and having it to work. Ever since the first time, I've been having to constantly tap my phone twice or even more for...
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    Help Accidental Deletion of Photos + Mac Android File Manager?

    Just accidentally deleted photos from the Camera section by using the garbage Kies app for Mac. Is there a way to recover these? I'm guessing not. If no one can answer the first question, would someone happen to at least know something that's better than Kies? I'm looking for a file manger...
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    An actual SSH client that works and has useful options?

    I'm using a Galaxy Note Pro and trying to find an actual SSH client that makes sense. I've tried ConnectBot, but I'm having issues with resolution + browsing on my SD card for private keys. I've also tried JuiceSSH, but there's no options to even modify the resolution that I know of. So...
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    Handscent - Disable MMS slideshows?

    Can't believe I have to open a slideshow to view multiple pictures o_O, as great as this app is. This feels like a very cheap feature to me. I can't quickly go back and forth between pictures because I can't even control the bottom slider. Anyways, enough of venting. Trying to see if anyone...
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    Alternative ways to sync Exchange without adding account

    I'm still trying to find ways to use my Exchange account without necessarily adding it to my S5 device, because features such as the fingerprint authentication are absolutely amazing and I won't go without it. Anyways, for email I've found that CloudMagic works perfectly, since I don't need to...
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    Help Prevent MMS from showing slideshows

    I've found a lot of old threads about this issue, but still no solid fix or workaround from what I've seen thus far. Just curious to know if anyone knows of a way to prevent incoming pictures from showing up as slideshows. I can't believe it actually does this. I can't move the slideshow...
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    Help Black screen after unlocking screen

    Sometimes when unlocking my phone, I'm presented with a black screen. I usually get out of it by just hitting the home button. Any idea what the hell this is?
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    Bypassing exchange security features to use S5's fingerprint ability

    I'm currently using CloudMagic to receive email from my exchange account because I can't add it to the default email app. This is because exchange requires me to use a PIN as opposed to allowing me to use the fingerprint scanner. However, I can't sync calendars and contacts either, so I'm kind...
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    Solid blue LED

    Yesterday I just picked up the S5 and so far I absolutely love this phone. However, every now and again when I lock my phone, I notice that the notification LED is solid blue. It's almost as if I have a modifications waiting for something. I just got rid of the Galaxy Note 3 and this phone...
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    Help Email app crashes when opening from notification bar

    A few nights ago, I got an email indicating that my Note 3 could not sign into my Exchange email account. I immediately logged in via web browser to make sure my password was still the same, but I had been locked out. However, even when my AD account is locked (for whatever reasons), it never...
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    Help Email signature so small?!

    Does anyone know how to increase the font size of email signatures? The signatures seem to suck really bad when it comes to the stock Email app. First, the signature starts with two blank lines under my last line of text. Secondly, the email signature text is so tiny compared to the rest of the...
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    Best Chrome to Phone Alternative?

    I noticed that Chrome to Phone sometimes don't work, or takes an extremely long time. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the app, or if it's an android thing (like maybe it's only allowed to check every x seconds). I'm looking for an alternative, preferably one that's better. Anyone out...
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    Root Freeze multiple apps at the same time?

    I see that Titanium Backup is pretty good with freezing apps. However, it's a pain having to manually select + freeze all of the apps one by one. Is there any way of doing this by selecting multiple files? I haven't found a way to do this with titanium.
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    Help No 4G/3G

    Originally, I had stock 6.14.181, and this is ALL I did, and ever since the ICS install, my 3G icon has been grey and going away every 10-20 seconds. As far as 4G, I only seen it once after upgrading to ICS leak. Now, I don't ever see it. Just got my razr 13 days ago and below are the steps that...
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    Help RAZR MAXX is rootable, correct? Recent article contradicts

    Hey all, Just got my RAZR MAXX yesterday after selling my iPhone 4s, and I'm wanting to take some precaution before I jump right into rooting. It's been awhile since I've been on android and I've always heard about bricking phones, etc... So I've done some research and looks like there's...
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    Amazon vs Verizon Store

    Good morning all, I have an iPhone 4s and my friend's interested in buying it for $300. This would take care of my AT&T ETF as well as give me $35 profit. With this, I planned on buying a DROID RAZR MAXX; however, I'm debating between Amazon's site ($199) and Verizon store ($299). What's the...
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    Reverting back to 2.1

    I tried to go from Bugless Beast V0.1 to Android 2.1 stock image but got this error "Tried to go to Stock 2.1 and got this error Installing: SDCARD:/clockworkmod/download/android.antbox.org/koush/motorola/sholes/sholes-2.0.1.zip Finding update package... Opening update package...
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    Text Messaging SMS bug in Froyo 2.2?

    I'm trying to determine if this issue is just associated with Bugless Beast V0.1 FRF57 or if it's something in the 2.2 itself. I got to about 300 text messages earlier, and got a message saying ".com.android.mms A large number of SMS messages are being sent. Select "ok" to continue or press...
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    Flash download for Froyo 2.2

    Anyone can link me to a Download of Flash for Froyo 2.2 FRF57, the newest Froyo ROM released? Actually, I'm using BuglessBeast V0.1 FRF57. Not sure if that matters... I've tried downloading one from droid-life but the APK wouldn't install. It said it couldn't open it as an APK file.
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    Wifi issues after applying wifi fix on 2.2 (Moto Droid)

    I'm using the latest Wifi Fix and OverClock kernel for 2.2 Froyo, but I'm still having issues randomly disconnecting from the wireless network... The wifi signal shows 0/3 bars even when sitting right in front of the router. Froyo Overclocked Kernels includes *wifi* fix is where I got my...
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    Nomore "Google Maps" for me, need help

    I was trying to install Google Maps update but it kept giving me errors. Another thread somewhere on another forum suggested to delete 2 files in the explorer. I deleted those and tried installing Google Maps again from the APK but it gave me an error "Application not installed" with an...
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    Installation of "Google Maps" was unsuccessful.

    I went to the Market today and noticed Google Maps was automatically updating (I'm using Froyo 2.2 on the Moto Droid). After it downloaded, it said Installing... then it said "Installation of Google Maps unsuccessful". When I go to the app in the market itself, it says "A manual update is...