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    Unable to send or receive SMS text messages on Tab S5e

    My tablet has no SIM card and accesses messages through my home WiFi network.
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    No Voicemail Notification S8 and Note 8

    Thanks, Augie. I'll look into that when my vision returns (after today). My blood alcohol has dropped too low for now ;)
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    Unable to send or receive SMS text messages on Tab S5e

    No. I have another messaging app installed, but it's disabled. I believe this is the native Samsung app (blue icon, with remark cloud with three blue dots horizontally placed)
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    Unable to send or receive SMS text messages on Tab S5e

    ---note: SMS goes through now with "calls and texts from other devices" enabled on both devices. But, this is a workaround instead if Tab straight to WiFi (and I think my phone has to be on)
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    Unable to send or receive SMS text messages on Tab S5e

    Nope. And I'm trying to enable Samsung's "calls and texts from other devices" now with hit-or-miss success. Soft? restarting (Vol down + Power) Table caused the unsent text message to send!?! Yet, I've tried so many things I'm not sure if the "other device" connection was enabled on both...
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    No Voicemail Notification S8 and Note 8

    We have two devices. Samsung S8 and Note 8. Both do not display a notification in standby (locked, dark screen) mode when a new visual voicemail is received. No sound. No LED. We have to use our psychic powers to guess if there are any new VMs. Voicemails do pop-up about 15 seconds after we...
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    Unable to send or receive SMS text messages on Tab S5e

    I am unable to send or receive SMS text messages. I have a Samsung Tab S5e. I do not have a SIM card installed. I use Wi-Fi for everything on this device and have used it for SMS for years. Of course, I could enable “calls and texts from other devices” to use my phone’s connection. All apps and...
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    Help Image transfer problems

    Greetings, I connected my Note 8 to my Windows 10 PC, navigated with Windows Explorer to the phone, and noticed that the "card" icon was OK, but the "phone" icon showed red and was almost full. I have WAY too many photos, downloads, screenshots, etc. on my phone and card. Thinking that I could...
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    Help Congratulations Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e User!

    Greetings, I MAY have recently solved the full-screen pop-up ads that have been plaguing me when I turn on my tablet after some time (like overnight). Now, I am attempting to kill the Congratulations pop-up box that is even specifying my device (Tab S5e). I know it's a scam, and have not...
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    Where is wallpaper stored?

    I transferred everything from my Note 8 phone to my new Tab S5E (with the Smart Switch app) The wallpaper from the phone (my own "aurora" image) came over to the Tab. I want to find and save that aurora image so that I can play with other wallpapers, and be able to put the image back again if I...
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    Help Settings for Note 8 External Mic

    Hi. I've got a Note 8, and a Zoom H5. The H5 is a portable field mic and has USB as well as line-out and headset connections. I would like to figure out what I need to do (and what settings to set) to use my H5 as the Note 8's mic. I suppose the main question is how to get the Note 8 to use an...
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    Video glitches, jerks, freezes with panning

    Shot some pretty winter scenes, and some dashcam style shots and they are all resulting in video that freezes for a very brief moment, then picks up again sometimes with garbage that looks like pixelation on steroids. Audio records fine. Even though the teeny freezes are teeny, they wreck a...
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    Yahoo Notification

    Greetings, I grow tired of a Yahoo notification that "Related messages are now grouped into conversations". Like, now after the latest RE-notification (for the um-teenth time), I GET IT and would like this (and only this) notification to CEASE! Any ideas? Am using the Yahoo Mail app on...
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    Can't Edit Folder Name in ADW.Launcher

    I am using ADW.Launcher on my new Droid X and could ask this question a couple of ways: 1) Why can't I edit a folder name? ~or~ 2) How can I make a folder for all my "News" shortcuts/icons and another for my "Weather" shortcuts and one for "Utilities"...and so on.? I re-watched the...
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    Minimize Battery Drain from Weather Programs

    Does My-Cast Weather run constantly and drain the battery, or does it only run when "updating"? I am using ADW.Launcher on my new Droid X. I added an app called Fancy Widgets which also has a weather-checker. I have also installed My-Cast Weather. I set the update intervals on both of them to...
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    Update Apps on SD?

    Greetings, If we move an app to the SD card, will it still update with Appbrain? I notice that while the Droid X is attached with the USB cable, the SD card [Mass storage] does not appear to be available. Thanks in advance. drcarl
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    Help Original Icon Retrieval

    Greetings, I'm a Noob to DX - was initiated on BB Storm I. Of course I want to customize my home screen(s) but before I do that I want to know how to retrieve whatever I might drag to the garbage pail. I have figured out that most of the little icons are easy to get back and move around...