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    Help Unable to download MMS on wifi without roaming while traveling internationally (S9, T-Mobile)

    Hi all, I have a stock S9 on T-Mobile and use Google Messages and/or Samsung Messages (the built-in app.) I travel internationally and recently started receiving "gentle" reminders from T-Mobile that "roaming benefits are not intended for extended use abroad." You know, "Sprint + T-Mobile...
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    Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7510 cannot activate Recovery or Download modes

    Hi all. I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 (2011, WIFI, Model: GT-P7510) which I can only turn on, operate the basics, and turn off. However, nothing at all happens if I hold the Power and Volume Down buttons (download) nor if I hold the Power button and Volume Up (recovery) buttons. I think someone in...