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    Looking for a good timer widget

    Hey all, I'm looking for a good timer widget. I would like for it to be as small as possible. I've looked in the Market, but I'm not crazy over any of the ones I saw. Does anyone have a good suggestion? Thanks in advance, Pavi
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    SportsTap Widget

    I decided to try the SportsTap widget after not being 100% satisfied with ESPN's ScoreCenter widget. (ESPN's widget is slow to update.) I downloaded SportsTap and set up the widget on Wednesday afternoon after work. By Friday, the widget had not loaded any information. I uninstalled SportsTap...
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    Eris v. X

    I like my Eris. I know that it has issues, even rooted, but I still like it. I was incredibly envious though when my wife added a line to our Verizon account to upgrade from her non-smart phone to X prior to our NE2 date. I was even greener when I received the e-mail that her X had been...
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    Mixed Upgrades Dates

    When my wife went into the local Verizon store to order a Motorola X (as an added line), I asked when I could upgrade from my Eris to an X as well. (I got the Eris in November 2009, and I am the primary line.) The representative said that I would have to wait until November, but when I spoke...
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    Root Apps2sdON/OFF Questions

    After rooting with xtrROM, I have found two zip files on my sd card, xtrROM3.xApps2sdON and xtrROM3.xApps2sdOFF. I want to store some of my apps to the sd card. Which zip should I flash? (I assume it would be xtrROM3.xApps2sdON, but I'm not entirely sure.) What is the purpose of the other zip...
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    How Many MP3s?

    I've seen a thread in another forum where people tell others how many mp3s they have, how many artists, and how many albums are in the collection. I did a search for it in this forum, but didn't find it. So, I'll start a thread here and apologize for stepping on anyone's toes if a thread already...
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    I hope that I can provide as much assistance as I request. I'm rather a newb when it comes to the Android OS, but I am a quick learner. I am a husband, father of two, full-time student, and part time IT intern. I am trying to graduate with a degree in Web Design in May 2010. I spend most of...