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    Podcast help

    Until the mid Oct. update my S20FE ran like a top. Now it is slow to load and sometimes glitchy. I have used Podbean for listening to podcasts for years. Now when I bring up that app or any other podcast app, they take forever to bring up my options and when I select a particular podcast, it...
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    Missing Airplane Mode icon?

    I bought two Samsung S20FE 5 g's and when I pull down the notification screen, one of them does not have an airplane mode icon. The other one does have an icon in the usual place. I do know how to turn it on and off through the connections but where is the icon? Any clues for me?
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    S7 trouble shutting down media player

    When I am listening to a podcast or music, even if I close all programs, the music will still play and I can find no way to turn it off except to restart the phone. I can find anything running in the background. There must be an easy answer. Thanks
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    custom folders desktop apex launcher Help

    I am trying to organize my desktop icons into folders on my S5 running Apex launcher. I used to lomg press the icon and drag it on top of another icon and I was good to go. Now when I try that, the two icon just switch places they will not combine. What am I doing wrong?
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    Put my name and number on homescreen?

    How can I get my name and a number to show up on the home screen? If phone is left somewhere this would be of great help.
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    Removing fowarded email address help needed

    When I forward a e-mail I remove all the previous senders e-mail address information. How can I do this on Android?
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    lock screen & exchange e-mail

    Are there any apps out that will override my forced lock screen on active exchange e-mail programs? I miss Lockpicker app that worked before the 2.2 update.
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    Help Is PDA net still the best way to tether the 2.2?

    Or is there a better way for occasional use when wifi is down at the coffee shop?
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    Anyone use Dropbox?

    Any issues good or bad?
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    Help volume on touch tone dialing

    I like a touch tone when dialing. I use the short tone setting but the volume is quite loud. Any way to lower that volume? Side buttons do not do it.