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    Root [Guide] How to create a Goldcard

    Things you will need and to do -A memory card (preferable a spare one), and also preferable smaller that 2GB -A Phone -Backup all the info on the memory card, we will be formatting it! Section 1 - Creating a Goldcard on a working phone Step 1) Get memory card CID and goldcard image...
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    Root Questions!!! Hboot/S-on/off/RUU and more

    Okay I have a few
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    Root [Guide] How to root the Desire S

    Didn't see a guide here to root the HTC desire s, but there are plenty out there. Here is a guide I wrote to get it done in excessive layman terms. Section 1 - How to root the Desire S Disclaimer: Be warned, there always a risk that your phone will end up bricked as a result of procedures...