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  1. J

    Help Photos have disappeared

    Hi all I took a number of photos yesterday on a family day out. My wife looked at them while we were driving home, and I also looked at them later yesterday evening. However, when I returned to the Gallery to upload them to Dropbox/Google Photos etc they were gone. (I know I can set dropbox...
  2. J

    Help Gmail not notifying of new mail

    Hi all For some reason, Gmail has decided to stop letting me know when a new email has been received. This only has been since the redesign update, as my Note2 would happily tell me when a new email arrived prior to the redesign Does anyone have any ideas or is there a setting I need to...
  3. J

    Help Gallery Issue

    OK I give up. In the stock gallery I did have any Facebook and Picasa photos showing as well as any if taken using the camera. Since then I've inserted a 16Gb SD Card and moved all my photos taken into the card. However I think it's since then that now the Facebook and Picasa pics are showing...
  4. J

    Help Force rotate

    Hi all Just a quick query really. I've just taken delivery of a cable that'll allow me to connect my Note2 to my TV via HDMI. Have tested and send to be doing what it supposed to however with a couple of apps the display on the TV doesn't seem to want to rotate. The APS in question are things...
  5. J

    Can anyone recommend an Office type app

    Hi all I'm looking for an app that will allow me to edit documents etc saved in ms word format, which I have saved on my Google drive I have polaris office on my note 2 but can't seem to find it in the play store so wondered if anyone could recommend anything similar or maybe let me know where...
  6. J

    Help Faffbook issue with 2 N7 profiles

    Got a bit of a weird issue with my n7 and faffbook. Current set up is the n7 has two profiles. Mine(the main one) and my wifes (the second one) Faffbook is installed on both profiles. However in my profile I have no issues. It loads as expected and can be used for what its intended. If I then...
  7. J

    Help Wet S3 how to make it work again

    Hi all My wife has had her shiny new S3 for about 2 weeks and last night dropped it down the toilet Ive take it all apart (battery, sim card and sd card) and dried as best I could. Its been in like this since about 9.30 lst night so about 12 hrs so far. This morning ive given it a quick bust...
  8. J

    Samsung MovieHub on Note2

    Not sure where to post this but I'll try here just in case. As part of an offer when I had my Note2 and my wife had her Gs3 we've received 2 codes each to the value of £10 (per code). These codes are for use in the Samsung MovieHub. So far my wife has downloaded her 2 movies and ive got 1 so...
  9. J

    Help Streaming to TV

    Hi all Ive a few movies on my GN2 and wondered if ere was a way i could wach them either on my nexus7 or better still onto my TV ? Photos and videos from the cam would also be good on the TV if irs possible Coukd of things first..2 of the movies are from the Samsung Movie hub, tv is NOT a...
  10. J

    Help Google Now

    Hi all I've finally got a Note 2, and so far so good. I've hardly put it down, and when I have its usually to pick up many Nexus 7. Anyway I digress..... One of the things I was mostly looking forward to, coning from an unrooted HTC Desire HD running 2.3, was, and still is, Jellybean, and the...
  11. J

    Uses for old DHD ?

    I'm coming to the end of ny current contract and therefore getting a shiny new phone. Currently trying to decide what to do with my dhd. One option is to give it to the kids to use as an iPod touch type device. However, if I remove the sim I'm constantly getting the "no valid sim" message...
  12. J

    Root Which ROM

    Hi all I'm about to venture into the.world of.rooting using Scotty's two threads but have a couple of questions before I do; Can anyone recommend either an ice or jb Rom where everything.or.nearly everything works ? Probably.looking at plain Android but open to suggestions..... With the jb...
  13. J

    Root One Click Root

    Hi all I'm wanting to root and install a Jellybean from onto my phone but have never done anything like this before. I've previously had the temptation and posted here but never went through with it partly through fear of ending up without a phone at all. I now see that the aahk is now no...
  14. J

    Help Sync not working ?

    Hi all Bit of an odd one this. For some reason my phone isn't syncing with anything so no Gmail etc. I've checked all settings and removed any battery saving apps I had bit still nothing. Also rebooted the phone etc Strange thing is it was working fine on Friday but nothing all weekend. I've...
  15. J

    Help Force closing using camera

    Hi all Odd thing happened yesterday. I was using the camera mainly to take some videos, but as I was doing this I had about 4 it 5 force close errors for different apps. Its not happened before and it hasn't happened today but was wondering if anyone e might be able to shed any light as to why...
  16. J

    Root Should I or Shouldn't I

    Hi all I've posted in the forums once or twice and the help and comments I've had back have proved more than useful. I've also looked, as you do, at other postings and again, these have been useful. Now we come to rooting. I've read the main thread, and totally accept that this could go...
  17. J

    Help Desire Hd 4G compatible ?

    Can anyone tell me if the HTC DesireHD is 4G compatible please ? Thanks
  18. J

    Help Strange reboot sequence

    Hi all Bit of a strange one this. Whenever I reboot my phone it seems to take an age to restart - anything up to 5 to 10 mins. What seems to be happening is it.shuts down and restarts but then stalls on the HTC logo screen before it tries rebooting itself again. I have an unbranded HTC Rom but...
  19. J

    Any recommendations for free launcher

    As the title says really. Looking to give my phone a new look etc and thought I'd try a different launcher to start with. So. Does anyone have any launcher recommendations, or free widgets etc I could usr with my current sense ? Thanks all
  20. J

    Help Missing Photos

    Hi all I'm hoping someone can help..... I recently took the family out for the day and took loads of photos with ,my DHD, all seemed to be working ok until we got back home only to find that only the first three photos were in the gallery. All the others were/are missing :( My battery was...
  21. J

    Help Unable to locate SIM card

    Hi all For no apparent reason, and completely out if the blue my phone tells me it can't locate my sim card and gives me two options - shutdown or restart (even though I have a full mobile signal) It seems to happening more and more recently and free doesn't seem to be a pattern to it either...
  22. J

    Am looking for an app

    Hi all I'm really liking my first Android phone. One thing I'm enjoying is the vast number of apps on just about any subject, so welcome any recommendations to try out. One thing I'm currently looking for is an app which will allow me to stream music from my phone to my car stereo via my...