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  1. booser4

    What if an App Requires SD Card?

    I just noticed this last night while messing with my Incredible, and it got me thinking... How will the Galaxy Nexus handle these apps? Will they just not work unless the developer changes them? The example I found is a game called Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave It has to download game...
  2. booser4

    Chrysler 300 = Bentley Continental?!?

    Why do almost all Chrysler 300 drivers act like they are pimp mack daddies driving in either a Bentley Continental and/or a Rolls Royce Phantom? I'll admit, whoever at Chrysler thought up this vehicle is a marketing genius. Talk about reaching a massive market that was arguably scattered...
  3. booser4

    Help Text Messages ACTUAL Time Sent

    I've searched this out a bit and only found a rough answer on the old Hero forum, so wanted to make sure there isn't a more updated answer with the Incredible. I'm using the stock messaging app included with the phone. I noticed very quickly that any text messages that were sent to me while...
  4. booser4

    HTC Bravo Status

  5. booser4

    Some New Info for the CDMA Hopefulls to Stew Over

    Guys, I was just doing my daily searches for Passion, Bravo, Incredible, etc... as I'm also one of the Verizon people waiting patiently still... Some new info posted on HTCPedia Today. I don't know how reliable they are, or how reliable the guy is who wrote it, but hey we can hope... What...
  6. booser4

    Question About Notification E-mails from the Forum

    Having an issue with e-mails I keep getting saying someone replied to one of my replies or a thread I'm subscribed to on the forums. I normally never have had trouble turning off the e-mail setting on forums / message boards, but for some reason it wont work with what I did. So far I changed the...
  7. booser4

    HTC Pic - What Phone is This?

    Hey guys... I was just snooping around for any of the latest news on the HTC Desire, and one of the top news articles that comes up with Google is this... HTC Desire To Be Part Of Droid Army? - HTC Desire To Be Part Of Droid Army? Only question, which phone is this? It doesn't look like the...