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    wireless charging with ottobox on

    Is anyone else having trouble charging their GS5 with the ottobox on? If not did you have to do anything special to get it to work?
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    Samsung S Health app

    I was looking for the Samsung Health app, but see that i can t get it on my GS3. I was wondering what app do you guys use? And do you like it. Thank you in advance for all replys.
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    Wifi calling app on Sprint Galaxy s3

    Hello guys, i was just wondering if any of you have the Sprint Samsung Galaxy s3 and if any of you ever try to do wifi calling on it? If so which app to you like. Sprints signal is not the greatest in my neck of the woods. It goes in and out if you know what i mean. Thank you in advance for all...
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    Question about unactivated phone

    I have a unactivated Sprint smartphone. Someone upgated to a new device and i got their old one. Since i drive a truck i have took this along with me.I have noticed that while in the cities it shows that it has a signal, but out in the country it shows no service. My question is this. If i...
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    Help Unlocking the Aviator

    Hello, i was wondering if the Aviator can be unlocked to run on another carrier? I can get one pretty cheap, but it has no sim card in it Since there is no US Cellular coverage in my area how hard would it be to unlock this thing and use a T-Mobile or AT and T sim card and have a good phone. I...
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    Wireless N for Galaxy Precedent

    I Was wondering if the Galaxy Precedent supports wireless n networks. My old Droid would not so I have mine set on the mixed setting. But if it supports wireless n i may change my router. Anyone have luck on wireless N with there Precedent? I Have read the manual but its not mentioned. Thanks in...
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    New to Samsung Precedent

    Hello everyone.I am new to the Samsung Precedent. My old Motorola Droid finally died and so no way was going to sign another 2 year contract. I picked up the Precedent and was wondering if anyone had any major issues with it? Has anyone travelled much with them? I Drive a truck and usually...
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    My Droid has died

    My Droid finally died. It won t power on anymore. I think now i will go prepaid with Straight Talk. No way am i signing another contract. I really enjoyed the phone and the advice on the forums. Guess i will see eveyone on the Samsung Precedent and Straight Talk Forum.
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    How To Sending music from pc to droid

    I was trying to put some of my old cds on my droid. I used the windows media player to burn the songs i liked onto my pc.I have a 32 gig sc card in the droid so space should not be a problem.I burned these into the mp3 format. I took my sd card out and put into slot in the computer. When i...
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    Pandora Radio

    I just installed the basic or free version of Pandora. Do they charge to listen to it? Thanks in advance for your replys. Hope this dont sound stupid but i am still trying to learn this thing.
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    Motorola Droid A-855 on Page Plus

    I have the original Motorola Droid A-855 with Verizon wireless and was thinking of flashing to page plus. My question is does page plus charge extra for roaming. I was looking at cricket but they charge extra for roaming. I drive a truck across the country, love my droid but kind of tired of...
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    How To Clearing contacts in Favorite

    I was trying to clear my contacts in my the favorites and i can t figure out how without deleting the contact. I can clear the call log but not the favorites. I don t want to delete my contacts just clear my numbers and contacts. Any ideas? This is for my Motorola Droid 1 with Verizon. Thanks...
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    Droid A855 And Blue Parrott BT-250 XT

    Hey guys, i am kind of new to the Android world and this forum. I really love both. You guys are very knowledgable and i stay on this forum when i can. As a professional truck driver i am sure that most of you know that commerical truck drivers must be handsfree.So i thought i would let those...
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    Help My Droid

    I am new to the android world. So please don t think this is a stupid question. I was looking at my droid and this is what i found , my android version is 2.2.3 baseband version is c_01.43.01P, Kernel version is android-build@apa26#1, build number FRK76. What does all this...
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    Help A-855 Droid gone crazy with bluetooth

    I am having trouble using a bluetooth device with this phone. I have a Motorola H-700 Bluetooth, a Blue Parrott BT-250 XT and a Cobra 29 LTD cb all bluetooth devices. The droid will pair with these devices and says they are connected but i can t hear any sound coming from my bluetooth. I have...
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    Help Droid 1 flashed to Straight Talk

    I was wondering if anyone on the forum has flashed their droid 1 to straight talk or know how to get this done. Thanks in advance to all who reply