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    Pixel 6 pre purchase questions

    I’m not an Android user, but son is and thinking of getting a Pixel 6. Currently there is a 20% off so here in Uk it’s around £500 new. I’ve been reading up a bit and (I know most phones do), the Pixel 6 seems to have a few problems. Have these been sorted now with updates? Specifically the...
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    Display network operator in status bar

    Put my sim in, but don't see the network operator in the status bar, how do I enable this please? It's a moto G 2nd gen dual sim version. It's sim free v5.02 I've looked in settings but can't see anything, I can see it on the pull down menu though. Thanks
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    Please ignore

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    What's the latest UK SIM free Android version?

    Just bought a Moto G 5" dual SIM in UK SIM free. It came with v5.02 on and says no updates available. I haven't used Android for a while but I've read, on this phone, rusty battery life is affected by v5. Is this the latest update for this version? Anyone know about, or have, thud issue? Thanks
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    Help New Android user

    Hi just got an Android phone after not using for a long while, few questions please... its a Moto G 2nd G, it currently has v5.02 on, and says unto date. 1) How can I save BBC iPlayer downloads to the SD card? 2) Can I save movies from the play store that I've bought to the SD card? 3) Can...
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    Where is dual SIM 4G 2nd Gen available?

    Looking at Moto G 2nd Gen (5" version). Here in UK is available as a 4G version, or as a dual SIM version but this is only 3G. Is there a 4G dual SIM 2nd Gen available anywhere? If so why isn't it available in UK? I want a dual SIM as I'll use it abroad, and would be perfect to use with a 3...
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    Can Moto G be used with nano SIM and adapter?

    although it states in the manual to use only a micro SIM, and don't use a nano SIM with an adapter, can this actually be used? Why is it indicating that a nano and adapter can't be used? I have a nano and would want to use this temporary in the dual SIM version, so can't swap to a micro SIM as...
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    Does Moto G dual SIM have MHL out?

    Does the Moto G 2014 dual SIM have the USB MHL output for watching things off the phone via MHL to HDMI to a TV? Can't seem to find it in the specs if it has. This will be a UK model XT1068 think it's called. Thanks
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    Moto G (2nd Gen) or Nexus 5?

    I have an iPhone as my day to day, but want an android phone for backup/holiday phone. Was looking at nexus 5, I've had a Moto E in past, but now thinking maybe a Moto G (2nd gen) Which is best? They will both be around same price, altho the Moto will be new whereas nexus 2nd hand. Also I've...
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    Ok to buy an older N5?

    Looking to buy a 2nd hand nexus 5 for using as a backup/mess about phone, and for using when on holiday. Read a bit about them, and some says that early ones had problems, there's version 310, 311 and 312. Apparently some hardware updates were made? So is it ok to buy the oldest one? Any...
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    Will a UK N5 D821 work in USA?

    Thinking of getting a nexus 5. Live in UK so it will be an official UK model D821. Will this work in the USA as I believe they have a different model? I want to use for holiday so calls, texts and mobile data. Thanks
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    Which to buy?

    Thinking about getting an Android box for sports. Any recommendations? Seen this one on Amazon website, Mobie S805? these Basic, easy to use and works, is king for me, not sure if I have to do anything else to this box, happy to follow instructions if needs a little work though. If the...
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    Root [International] Adding emoji converts it to MMS?

    Sister just got a S4 in UK. I only dabble in Android as have a fruity phone ;) Anyway she had a old Nokia before and used the keypad to put in emojis on her SMS messages. She very un-tech and so I normally get asked. She started SMS, added an emoji on the keyboard and it flashes up a message...
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    store iPlayer downloads on SD

    I have a Moto E with v4.4.4 on, it's not rooted, just a standard SIM free phone. I have official iPlayer app on but as Moto E has limited internal memory as soon as I try to do a iPlayer download for watching later it says "not enough space" I can't see any option in the iPlayer app to store...
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    Switch off 3G completely, just use WiFi

    How do you switch off 3G on the Moto G? I'm going abroad soon, I want to only use WiFi. I do see a "roaming" so if I switch this off I won't use 3G abroad is this correct? I'd rather switch 3G off completely though to be honest as the amounts if notification I never know if I've switched them...
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    Beats in ear remote not working

    I've recently got a Moto E and have dug out my beats in ear headphones However the inline remote only plays and pauses, it doesn't FF/rewind/skip volume up. I thought all remotes would work with Android phones? Is there any app or anything I can do? Have to say I'm disappointed with this as I...
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    Making some space - how?

    I have a Moto E, which has limited internal memory. I have a SD card in there, it's not rooted or anything, stock v4.4.2. I've downloaded a few apps and games and used the setting to "move to SD", I've put music onto the SD also, but still seems to be using quite a bit internal space. Is...
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    Help Folder disappeared when took SD out/in

    Moto E v4.4.2, made a folder of shortcuts with games in. Unmounted SD card, put back in, remounted fine but the folders are gone, is this normal? How can I prevent this happening or is this normal (if so daft!) Thanks
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    Play music manually add music to SD card

    For some reason the play music upload is not the best form iTunes for me. Its missing songs etc. I was hoping to just use the play music app on my Moto E and copy form the cloud to device. It's worked for some I might add. So if I remove my SD card, can I copy music manually to the SD card...
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    Play music part album uploads.

    Have play music to upload songs/albums for use on Moto E and iOS devices. For some reason though certain albums only upload a select few songs. All the songs are MP3, non DRM and should be fine. I've tried going on a browser, deleting the album, the music manager then "sees" new music on my...
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    Play Books, can you store them in SD card?

    I have a Moto E, new to this version of Android as been away a while ;) So I have some ePub books, I have uploaded them onthr Play Books app, and then clicked to view them offline - great. But as the Moto E as low internal memory, I want to save them on the SD card, how do I do this please...
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    Apple remote headphones on Moto E

    Just tried playing music on play music app on a Moto E with Apple remote earpod headphones. The play/pause worked fine but the volume up/down did nothing. Is this a restriction by Apple or Google or Motorola. Is there anything I can do to get it working? Thanks
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    Is Play Music the default music player?

    Just got a Moto E. Is the default app for music now Play Music all? I do have my music uploaded to Google so can access it all on the app, also I can copy to the actual SD card from within the app. Is the app fine for what I want it for, basic music play? I know there's hundreds of others...
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    Running an Android and iPhone phone in tandem/sync

    Anyone have an Android phone and an iPhone that they switch between the two? I've just got a Moto E and will use it for a backup/holiday/going out phone, but my iPhone will be the main days to day one. So I've managed to sync across my contacts and calendar using Motorola migrate, and seemed...
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    Help Do Moto G work with nano SIM and adapter?

    I'm getting a Moto E and just downloaded the manual and it states that it can't. Be used with a nano SIM and adapter, the same as the Moto G is specified in its manual. So I have a problem...the Moto E is a backup/holiday/going out phone, my day to day phone is a (sorry!?!) iPhone 5 which has...