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  1. James L

    Saying hello.

    Haven’t been on the forums in a bit and just wanted to say hello. I switched to a iPhone 12 Pro Max, it was a decision that weighed heavy on my mind but it was needed.
  2. James L

    Bitcoin bull run.

    Has anyone else been paying attention to Bitcoins bull run? Picture from Coinbase. Anyone who wants to earn some cryptocurrency, message me.
  3. James L

    Covid 19

    No joke, it has been putting the smack down on me for 5 days straight. An aggressive beast is all I can say for it. I'm healthy and have no underlying health issues and in very good shape. It still whooped me like nothing I've had before. I don't have a cough but the fatigue and muscle aches...
  4. James L


    I saw a USB C to HDMI connector today at Walmart. Pretty interesting, does me no good but for others it would be a cool thing to have.
  5. James L

    Jailbreak iPhone with a rooted Android phone.

  6. James L

    Thumbs up.

    When i press the like button it goes to unlike? Then if i press it again it goes to like?
  7. James L


    Can a Moderator message me. Thanks.
  8. James L


    Just curious would you use it on a Pixel device? Any user reviews?
  9. James L


    The Note 4, has a issue. The apps go from full screen to minimized on it's own. There is also a message about apps stopping. I used an app to disable a button and remap a button, i also disabled ok Google a few months ago and it worked as it should till now. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  10. James L

    Has anyone had their car stolen.

    I had my car stolen a couple days ago. Pissed off is the only thing that comes to mind. That and gofundme lol.
  11. James L

    MetroPcs service.

    My service so far has been subpar, the coverage map looks excellent.. Truth is here in Illinois it has been awful. A hour away from home just chilling in the country, that's right in the middle of nowhere, just corn and farmland lol. Boost mobile, service was okay out here... Metropcs 0...
  12. James L

    LG Stylo 3 Plus

    Likes or dislikes about the LG Stylo 3 Plus? I'll start, likes hmm... Same as my old Stylo 2 as far as a comfortable screen size. My phone is used 99% for work. I don't play games on my phones usually. I did play Final fantasy new empire something or other, but i kept getting kicked out of...
  13. James L

    Lost lol

  14. James L

    Mayweather vs McGregor

    Who's watching the fight? I am!
  15. James L

    Spy app, child monitoring, employee monitoring etc. Do you agree or disagree with them?

    Spy app, child monitoring, employee monitoring etc. Do you agree or disagree with them? If you agree with them state why as well as if you disagree with them. Here is a link, for a Video showing what a Spy app can see or do.
  16. James L

    Galaxy On5 with a few mods

  17. James L

    Help LG tribute HD

    I just got this phone yesterday after wishing my HTC phone goodbye due to its sudden demise lol.. It fell about a foot and cracked the screen. Luckily its just a work phone as i have a S7 edge i use for anything other then work. I would just like to know people's opinions on this device and...
  18. James L

    Help Is your device vulnerable to the rowhammer bitflip exploit?

    Try it and find out lol. https://github.com/vusec/drammer running it on aggressive made my phone crash back to the home screen. Turned it down a little towards the relaxed side and it's been running about 6-7 minutes and still going.
  19. James L

    Interesting read.

  20. James L

    Note 7 funny video clip

  21. James L

    Help Samsung J200H

    I have a new client, with a odd issue. He rooted his device with some pre rooted firmware. Here's the issue i can fix the device without issues but he wants to save the data. Of course a firmware flash would wipe data... Here's what it does. It is detected using ADB without issues, i can run adb...
  22. James L

    Help Note 7 international, firmware update prevents battery from fully charging.

    According to a client of mine in China, a update was pushed yesterday to his note 7. This update has prevented him from charging the battery past 60% Interesting so i thought i would post this. Tomorrow my time we will try and bypass this with a Rom and root on his devices. model number...
  23. James L

    Just bought a Huawei watch!

    After many hours of research and weeks of thinking about which one i would get i did it. I was set on the black stainless steel band but after looking at it in videos it just didn't seem like i would like it as much as i thought i would. I went with the silver stainless steel band after watching...
  24. James L

    Help Help needed, confused lol.

    After doing a developer edition conversion on a M8 international phone. I'm having issues. The client stated that he gets error messages on the phone such as System has stopped responding., a This shouldn't be an issue after a factory reset. The phone was 4.4.4 and S off it's now 6.0 and S...