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  1. K

    Root Android L custom ROM for L70

    Has anyone tried this yet? http://www.lollipop-rom.org/mp3-0/lg-l70-dual-d325-6101.html
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    Can I somehow change the stock dialer app? It freezes and when i have incoming call it takes 2 sec. for screen to wake up so I can answer. It annoys me too much. Every help will be appreciated.
  3. K

    Help Calling screen lag

    When I get a call the screen needs 2 to 3 seconds to turn to answer the call and it annoys me. Way I could fix this?
  4. K

    Wi-fi Direct

    Can someone explain me how to use this function?
  5. K

    What do you think?

    Will we get the Android L?
  6. K

    Sample images

    share your LG L70 sample images here
  7. K

    Google Camera

    Can someone make a video about the google camera app on LG L70? How the lens blur and photosphere perform?