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  1. critcher

    Is the 5x a good upgrade from the n5?

    My beloved Nexus 5 is no longer of this world, and I need to replace it. I expect that some of you would have had an n5 before you got a 5x - is it a worthwhile upgrade?
  2. critcher

    I broke it!

    I can't believe it, but it's true. Dropped it and smashed the screen. It still works but it looks so sad. I can't decide what to do next - what would you do? I could replace the screen, which means waiting for a replacement to arrive and potentially mucking up the install. I could replace the...
  3. critcher

    Smart cover not working properly?

    It's a bit strange, but just lately my smart case has stopped turning the screen on and off as it opens or closes. I tried a different case, but it made no difference. Then I found that Daydream might be affecting it, so I turned it off and that seemed to do the trick. For a few days it was...
  4. critcher

    Still love my n5

    About a year later, and it's great! Just thought I'd share..
  5. critcher

    Lock screen status bar

    I miss having icons at the top of the lockscreen. Before Lollipop stomped all over it, I had a battery icon and unread icons for texts and emails up there which I could then swipe down to see more info. All it says now is "EE". And swiping down just displays a few mostly pointless toggles...
  6. critcher

    google play books

    Hi, I bought a book from google play and read it on play books. Then I deleted it and can't seem to get it back unless I go to the store. Most of my books are old epubs, so this situation hasn't cropped up before. When I go to the store and search for the book, it gives me the option...
  7. critcher

    Does anyone here also have a 2013 nexus 7?

    I'm thinking of getting one, and wondered how the performance stacks up? Is it as quick and snappy as the n5?
  8. critcher

    Love my prime, but...

    I'm wondering if I can return it. I got it last January, then found out about GPS & wifi issues. Got the gps dongle, seemed to help a bit. Not too concerned about gps - never seem to need it. The wifi is irritating though. Web browsing is slow. I have never managed to stream video other...
  9. critcher

    Any good dialers or lockscreen replacements?

    Hello! Lovely new phone, but I'm not mad keen on the actual phone experience part. Contact pictures on incoming calls are enormous and then cropped. Can anyone recommend a replacement? The other thing is the lockscreen. I was thinking about using teslacoils widgetlocker, but some of the...
  10. critcher

    Just got a new nexus!

    It might seem odd, given that the S3 is out there, but I just didn't like the look and feel of the S3. Loving the nexus! Has Jelly bean made a significant improvement in the performance? I didn't see it before the update. I also have a transformer prime which is due to get JB sometime soon...
  11. critcher

    "No more room on this homescreen"

    I get this message every time I install an app, even though there's plenty of room. What's that all about? :confused:
  12. critcher


    It's a brilliant puzzle game! Lovin it!! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lazy8studios.cogs&feature=search_result It's slick and engaging and exactly the sort of thing to show off your lovely Prime!
  13. critcher

    Just discovered Polkast

    And it's frookin' great! It's your own personal cloud, but without the 3rd party servers. My phone and Prime can now access all my music, vids and pics from wherever I may go! :D
  14. critcher

    Looking for a 64gb micro sd

    There's a Sandisk one on Amazon for
  15. critcher

    Help Asus email widget & Gmail

    When I got the Prime I remember that it had 2 email apps - "Email" and "Gmail". The Asus email widget would display how many emails there were, as its supposed to. Now the widget always reports zero mails, and I don't seem to have the "Email" app anymore. I don't remember uninstalling it...
  16. critcher

    GPS dongle ordered!

    Yay! Go here - https://vip.asus.com/login.aspx I had to register my Prime first (should have done it months ago! :rolleyes: ), but it immediately told me to apply for the dongle.
  17. critcher

    Help Aaargh!!

    I powered my Prime down last night just to give it a rest, and today when I got home from work, it wouldn't start up! :eek: It just sat there with a black screen! It's OK now, praise be, but I did panic. :o I don't know what the problem was, but I had to hold the power button down for...
  18. critcher

    Notebook widget

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could help me out a bit. My wife has a flyer, and there is a nice looking notebook widget on there that I would like on my transformer prime. I gather that the device needs to be rooted in order to pull the apk, but I can't see my wife allowing me to...
  19. critcher

    Widgets from other devices?

    Hello! Does anyone know if we can use widgets from other tablets? My wife's HTC Flyer has a great looking notebook widget, but I can't find anything like it on the market.
  20. critcher

    Help ebook homescreen shortcut - how?

    Hello! I want to do something fairly basic, but I don't know how! What I want to do is to place a shortcut to an ebook on my homescreen. Ideally, the icon would be the book cover. What I have so far is es file manager, the shortcut works, but the icon is cool reader. That's OK but when...