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    Samsung M51GPS issues

    Actually I'm a distance runner and use a Stryd chip for distance when running, but it isn't suitable for walking. I just use my phone GPS to see how far I am walking the dog. I do get a GPS map when running also, but that is just cosmetic since I get distance from Stryd. It is just that I...
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    Samsung M51GPS issues

    I have odd GPS issues cropping up. While walking the dog I used to use Fit, Google tracking, just to get distance and time. I would put the phone in my back pocket upside down (yeah, I know the gps sensor is at the top) and it has tracked well for a couple of years. As of about a month ago it...
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    How to keep screen non responsive

    Ok, found at least one of the culprits: Smart Things Framework. I can't uninstall it and I can't turn off notifications. It sent me a notification about something yesterday, but I don't remember what it was. I don't know if there are more of these annoying things or not. If I come across...
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    How to keep screen non responsive

    I don't remember which didn't allow notifications to be blocked. But it was one that would also not allow itself to be uninstalled. I'll have to wait for another such notification and then report back. I used to use Do Not Disturb until I came to the conclusion that it didn't make any...
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    How to keep screen non responsive

    My running shorts do get wet, and the shorts do rub against the fabric of the pouch which probably also gets damp, and that part of the pouch does rub against the screen. Yesterday's 5k had temperature in the mid 70s with 100% humidity. Also, there are Samsung apps that I can't uninstall and...
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    How to keep screen non responsive

    I use a roosport pouch and the screen is always pointing outward, away from my body. I also have the setting checked for it to ignore errant touches such as when the phone is in one's pocket. However I am not using a screen lock. Maybe I should consider putting on a screen lock before my run...
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    How to keep screen non responsive

    My phone is becoming a nightmare. (Samsung M51) This morning during a 5k race my music stopped, the cadence I was listening to which was superimposed over the music stopped, and someone answered my phone and said thanks for calling. Is there no way to keep the phone non responsive until I press...
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    What is accessing my mic or camera?

    I have a bright green icon at the top center of my phone which I understand to mean that something is accessing my microphone or my camera. But, I have no idea how to find out what it is. Tapping on it does nothing, and swiping it down just brings up my usual list of things such as Sound...
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    Preventing phone from interrupting music

    I have a Samsung Galaxy M51 When running and listening to music I get interrupted by phone calls. I have it muted, and even have notifications turned off. But it seems that having the Amazon Music app open causes the phone to disregard the mute setting and stops the music. Any way to...
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    M51 How to lock screen

    When I am running and listening to music my M51 is not readily accessible, since it is in a pouch under my waistband. On some days the music is interrupted by the phone doing random things, maybe making calls, or jumping ahead or behind in the music playlist etc. The issue seems to be that the...
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    Samsung Galaxy M51: Not staying signed on.

    Even though I have selected to keep the phone unlocked in Trusted Places (my home address) it locks the phone many times per day. This is with Android Version 11. This gets annoying after a while. Any ideas? I hope this is the best place for this question. There is no forum for the M51.
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    M51 question, it doesn't have a forum yet. Beautiful widgets.

    Does anybody have an issue with beautiful widgets not updating the time? Right now it is over an hour behind the actual time.
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    M51 question - it doesn't have a forum yet

    I just got my Samsung Galaxy M51 and it thinks I am in Indonesia. If I go into the Clock it shows local time 8:14 PM Indochina time. I can't find any place to change that to my local Atlanta, GA USA location. It is screwing up my calendar too. Some items are even on the following day from...
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    Samsung Galaxy M51 radio with wireless headset

    There does not yet seem to be a forum for the Samsung Galaxy M51 that I currently have on order. It features radio, but it uses the cord from a connected headset as an antenna. My question is is there any way to use the radio with a Bluetooth connected headset?
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    Need to upgrade, looking for recommendation.

    I need to upgrade from my LG G4 to some other device. My phone has started deleting apps every time I boot. I'm looking for a recommendation regarding what I should upgrade to. It does not necessarily need to be LG. It should probably not be longer than six and a quarter inches though so that it...
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    This is a duplicate, but I cannot find a way to delete it.

    This is driving me nuts. On Android 6.0. rebooting the phone is causing several apps to de-install. For example it always de-installs colornote and it generally de-installs Google which removes the Google search bar. Today it also deinstalled paypal, and Garmin connect. it seems that in all...
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    Can not connect to Linux system via MTP

    There was a time that after connecting to my Linux desktop from my android phone I could swipe my phone down from the top and select MTP instead of charging. I no longer get that option and I don't know why. I do have developer options turned on. Also, since the Linux desktop (Mint) no...
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    Apps get deleted after a phone restart

    On Android 6.0 every time I restart the phone I lose several apps, including the Google search bar widget, the weather display, and several other unrelated apps. The icons for those other apps get changed to the Android icon but there is no application. If I reinstall them all again, and then...
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    Help Music notation software

    Are there any support libraries that can be used to create musical notation? I am looking for something to aid the creation of a piano staff with chords.