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    Does each gallery app use storage for picture

    When I take a picture, the picture goes to DCIM folder of my phone. Does each gallery app copy the picture from DCIM to its own storage? If I installed two gallery apps on my phone, will I be using twice the storage for my picture? or the Apps will just share the pictures in DCIM.
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    Prevent Chrome from invoking Play Store

    I have an old Android 5.1 tablet. When I start Chrome browser, on the top right hand corner, instead of the 3 dots, it will show a small icon which says new update available. In order to see my history, I have no choice but to tap on the icon which override the 3 dots. This invoked Play Store...
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    Backup for factory reset

    I am using an Umidigi A9 pro phone with 128G of storage and Android 10. I want to do a factory reset to fix some problem and to get rid of many unused or junk applications. There are many entries on the web about backup and restore for factory reset. But I want to clarify a couple of things...
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    where is Whatsapp backup running under multiple accounts app

    I am using multiple accounts app to run two whatsapps on my Android 10 phone. The first WhatsApp is native and has local backup under /storage/emulate/0/WhatsApp/Backups. The second WhatsApp is running under multiple accounts App. Does anyone know where is the local backup for this second...
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    Strange mouse behavior on Android 8 TV box.

    Got a new Scishion V88 Plus TV box running Android 8. I connected a usb mouse to it. The left click of the mouse will select the item and the right click will just return. Normally, if I want to select a movie to play, I just left click the movie I want on a list of movies displayed and the...
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    Permission WhatsApp asked for

    I am new to Android. I just got an Android phone and was told that I should install WhatsApp. I downloaded WhatsApp and start the installation.I have 2 questions about the installation 1. I have 2 installation options (internal and external). I believe internal means use internal memory and...