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    SMS Issues

    Samsung S10 - Has been working fine for years. Using GoSMS on phone. On computer using MightyText. Suddenly last week stopped getting incoming texts. They all show up MightyText, but not the phone. Now get some texts from some folks and no texts from others. Can get a text from one person...
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    Help Turn off 4G LTE?

    I searched and wasn't able to find an answer. Has anyone figured out how to turn off 4G LTE on the newest Droid Maxx? Just got my new phone and older version it was simple, but they have removed that option. Tried the Dial *#*#4636#*#* trick and it doesn't seem to do anything. Tried 4G On/Off...
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    Vertical Holster for Extended Life Battery?

    I got a holster for my Charge with the extended life battery that just fits, for some other phone, but it is a horizontal carry on my belt and drives me to distraction. There wasn't anything in the Verizon store that fit for vertical carry. Has anyone found a vertical carry belt holster for...
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    Help Vibrations?

    One of the things I seriously miss from my Blackberry is the ability to set the vibration notifications differently for different things. All I get from the Charge is this insignificant bzzt-bzzt, that's it. I often miss it. Is there a way to change these to be longer, stronger or...
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    So, I decided I'd give the Charge a chance with some sort of alternative battery. All the Verizon store had was a so-called standard battery which is marked for a Continuim (or some such) which is 1500 mAh, not the 1600 mAh as in the phone. They say it's the same, but it isn't. Same battery...
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    Help Disappearing emails?

    Bearing in mind that I am coming from a BlackBerry, but... All my emails disappear off the Charge when I pick up my email on the computer. That is problematic since I want some of them on the phone to reference later. On my BB any emails I got on the phone stayed there. Is there a way to set...
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    Keep or Take Back?

    Picked up my Charge on Saturday from Costco. I seem to be adapting to the new phone from my BB, with the expected difficulties, but that's not the issue. The battery life is killing me. :( First day was a disaster what with spending all the time setting stuff up. OK, that's a good excuse...
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    Help Set Volume Higher

    Is there anyplace on thew Charge that you can set the volume of the ringtones? The volume is too low. Also, for the use as phone, can I set it to just be at higher volume? Having to increase the volume every time I get or make a call is a PITA. TIA Critter
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    Help How to Change Defailt Email

    New to Android (from BB) and Charge. Installed K9 Email. How do I get rid of or close down the regular email client and replace or make K9 default? TIA Critter
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    Screen Protectors?

    Looking for a screen protector for the Charge I will be getting this weekend. I want a full coverage protector. Suggestions or comments welcome. This will be my first Android and touchscreen phone, moving from a Blackberry. I have looked at both Zagg invisibleSHIELD and BodyGuardz. Anything...