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    Charge tablet and provide ethernet connection

    I have some android tablets which have a micro usb port and I want to be able to provide these an ethernet connection and charge at the same time So far I've tried various dongles and only managed to get the tablet to do one or the other but not both at the same time. Any suggestions or...
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    help with upgrading Tab 2 GT5110

    Hi all looking for a guide to upgrade my Tab2 GT5110, I just need it to be running a stable newer version of Android so that I can run a DJ app on it. Been searching around and cant find a decent guide that shows how to root, and then upgrade the tablet. dont need to back it up as theres...
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    Pixel 2 or s8

    Which of these 2 would you choose? Main things to consider Battery life What it does as a phone and multi purpose device if you use it a lot Take a lot of pics and video Storage issues. Tia Bart
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    Pixel 2 or S8

    I would like to get some opinions on whether to move from an s7 edge to a s8 or pixel 2? I use the camera a lot on my phone when I'm djing. I generally use my phone a lot for surfing, buying amazon things, use a lot of Google products like maps too. 1 drawback I have read with the pixel 2 is...
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    Help BT sport app

    Peeps has anyone managed to get the BT sport app working properly on an Android tv box. It stutters like crazy atm.
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    Stuck in a bootloop how can i get out

    I tried to install the 5.1.1 update and it didnt work as the bootloader it requires wouldnt flash in odin since then i cannot boot into any roms i am trying to get back to my stock s5 sm900f 5.0 rom i just keep getting a boot loop of the black sansung screen and then reboots again ive tried to...
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    Help Create system profiles

    I have a rooted s5 running stock rom I have previously used the BlissPop rom and one really nice feature was the ability to create your own profiles, e.g work , home etc. and it would give you the ability to trigger these profiles by settings e.g when you connect to your home wi fi it goes to...
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    Root S5 running cm 12.1 running slow after a couple of weeks

    I did a fresh wipe and install of cm 12.1 on my s5 for the first time a couple of weeks ago and the change in speed on the phone was dramatic. However after a couple of weeks it has really slowed down, I run cc cleaner on it every few days but no real difference. I'm thinking of wiping and...
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    Help Cannot see new Ext2 partition

    I managed to create a new ext2 partition on my micro sd card to use as additional internal memory on my sm t230 and using link2sd it recognises the partition and moves apps to it. However I cannot see the partition say in es file Explorer Any ideas The partition is active u can see it if...
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    Help Unable to mount Ext sd partition in sm t230

    I've got a Samsung Galaxy tab sm t230 and it has a small 8 gig internal memory so I want to use a micro sd to expand this by using something like mount 2sd. Ive created a fat 32 and ext4 partition on a micro sd card using aparted, also tried doing this with mini partition tool, and both are 8...
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    Help Default download location for rooted sm t230

    Just rooted my Samsung galaxy tab 4 sm t230 is there a way to set the default download location to the sd card rather than internal storage as I run out of space quickly internally
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    Help Default download location for rooted sm t230

    Just rooted my sm t230 is there a way to set the default download location to the sd card rather than internal storage as I run out of space quickly internally
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    Help S5 Running dog slow

    hi i wanted to see if anyone else is having a similar problem to me with their S5 Its been running 5.0 for a few months now and I did a clean install when I upgraded it. however over the past few weeks at times it runs horrendously slow to the point where when you try to put your pin in to...
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    Help Lenovo S8-50 very poor battery - should i flash it?

    I have a Lenovo S8 50 tablet but the battery life is so poor its unbelievable. The device is only a couple of months old and not heavily used but Im having to almost charge it daily. I have factory reset but that hasnt helped. I was wondering if anyone knows of another firmware I could try and...
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    Help [Resolved: factory reset]Power Save keeps switching on

    I have an issue with my HTC One where the Power save mode keeps turning itself on & therefore dims the screen, disables screen rotation and takes the phone off vibrate. I have turned off the power save so its not on but yet when the phone reaches below 30% battery life it goes into power save...
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    Help Contact Photos with Gmail & My Phonebook

    I have noticed for some time now that if you upload your own photo to a contact from your phone & then sync this contact to your gmail contacts,after it does the Sync the picture is screwed up & becomes all grainy. I put this down to Gmail resizing the photo you upload. Has anyone else come...
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    Help Will Unbranding the device get me the update?

    Ive been experiencing the signal loss problems that people have described in the forum for months now. I spoke to HTC the other day & they've said its linked to my Andrioid version 2.3.3 & that 2.3.5 would resolve this issue. 1st up - anyone got an opinion on how true that is? My brother has...
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    Help App to edit & back up dictionary

    Guys anyone know of an app to edit, import & back up the dictionary. Ive tried User Dictionary Manager & Dictionary Editor & neither worked. Done a search on here & cant see any answers either. Help please as ive just had to rebuild the phone & lost all my custom dictionary words & ive...
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    Unbrand Hero Guide

    Apologies for this post a i know there is a guide here somewhere, Months ago i downloaded a guide that would let me unbrand my hero so that i could upgrade it easily. Its on Tmobile & every time i try to do the upgrade it fails with the exclamation mark. Ive searched for the guide i used...
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    new update

    Just had the above update appear on my phone which I have downloaded but not installed yet. No idea what its supposed to do. Anyone got any ideas please
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    Help HTC Sync 3

    Guys Dunno if its just me so please help. Just installed HTC Sync 3 as i was using the previous version with a Hero but using V3 for my new Desire. I cant seem to back up my contacts to Outlook. It doesnt appear to give you an option of which Contact folder you want to back up to...
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    Root Rom - where can I find them

    Guys My wife has a N1 which is pissing about big time, sometimes the internet wont work, other times letters in a text message wont type properly etc. She is not a heavy user of the phone at all So i thought about reinstalling the stock rom for the phone but i dont know where to find...
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    Linked Contacts WTF

    I have a TMob branded Hero & just been upgraded to 2.1 finally. However ive noticed this odd thing in the contacts where it tries to LINK contacts to another contact, god knows why can anyone explain. Anyway i use the contacts on my phone rather than my Google contacts because when i sync...
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    handset freezing in certain parts help please

    Guys Ive been having all sorts of fun & games with my phone over the last few days. Started on Tuesday when i got the TMobile System Update come up on my phone (ihave a branded TMobile Hero). I accepted the download & then tried to install it & it failed, it would get about half way...
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    Ok so I have a Hero on T-Mobile which Ive had for nearly a year now. And like you all I am waiting for the 2.1 update. Ive checked the T-Mobile site as I heard about teh June release date & I dont see a thing. Does this mean that T-Mobiel have not released teh 2.1 update yet? If so...