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    Why isn't this phone selling by the thousand?

    I'm really pleased with mine, completely fluid, really good build quality, and seriously cheap without having to risk using a dodgy Chinese site. :)
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    Honor 6 forum?

    I can't believe how little attention this phone is getting :eek:
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    Rebroadcast wifi - possible?

    Is it possible for my phone - Samsung Gnex - to rebroadcast a wifi connection as a new hotspot network? My work laptop has lots of security which means that it can only connect to wifi networks where you select the SSID and enter a password, like on your home router. But most hotel wifi works...
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    Go Keyboard - Landscape full screen problem

    Does anyone use Go Keyboard in landscape mode on a tablet? For some reason text entry boxes fill the entire top two thirds of the screen above the keyboard when entering data. This is what I mean: Whereas in portrait mode the text entry is in place immediately above the keyboard: I've got...
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    ICS - managing wifi hotspot

    Can anyone suggest a good app for managing the devices connected when I create a wifi hotspot on my unrooted ICS Archos 101 G9? I'd like to be able to see what devices are connected, possibly force disconnect or prioritise devices. All the apps I've found so far seem designed to create the...
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    Streetview - birdseye view?

    On Google Maps in a desktop browser, the Streetview mode adds a little panel at the bottom right showing a birdseye view, that you can expand to fill the bottom half of the window. So you can check which way you're actually going :) Is there any way to see something similar in the...
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    ICS VIDEO_TS player?

    Hello, does anyone know of an app that will play VIDEO_TS folders as DVDs? All the apps I've found so far seem to be able to play the individual VOB files, but I'd like an app that understands the VIDEO_TS format so I can just point the whole folder at the player and it will play it as a DVD...
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    Phone + tablet - same account or different?

    Hi all At the moment I have a Gingerbread phone. Tomorrow I'm getting an ICS tablet. I currently use Appbrain to manage apps, and IMAP for about 3 email addresses. What are the pros and cons of using the same google account on both devices? For example, I expect I'll be using different apps...
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    Does the TF300 have a 3g slot?

    I'm saving my pennies for a tab with a keyboard and a sim slot so I can feed it a giffgaff gigabag - can anyone who's handled it tell me if it's got a 3g slot? Thanks :)
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    Tethering through a wifi hotspot

    My provider doesn't allow tethering - doesn't offer it as an extra charge, just doesn't allow it. I have no plans to do so, but if I found myself in a situation where I needed to say check couple of emails on my laptop/android tablet - so nothing more data intensive than everyday phone use -...
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    Help Default lock PIN

    Anyone know the default lock pin for the Wildfire S? I mean, the one you get in Settings > Security > Set up SIM card lock So you have to enter a code when you turn the phone on. I understand that's set by htc rather than the network. Not the one to access the sim card or to unlock a phone...
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    Choosing which media player plays online web audio links

    I hate the Google Reader app for podcasts, so I'm using the web browser to manage my Reader subscriptions. The problem is that when I open a link to an mp3 podcast from the internet browser, I get the option to play online or download to sd card. If I choose play online I get an option to play...
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    Help Wallpaper size

    Can anyone tell me what the correct size an image should be to use as wallpaper? Also, is there a way to set an image so that it stays fixed instead of showing a cutout as you scroll left and right through the Sense screens? Thanks :)
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    Help Sense keyboard word completion

    One thing that's annoying me about the Wildfire S is the way the keyboard autocompletes words. I like the way it suggests words to you, but I don't like the way it switches to its favoured word when you press space. Is there a way to make it keep your typing on space, but still allow you to...
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    Is crossposting across model forums OK?

    Hi I've just joined after buying a Wildfire S. I've posted a question in the Wildfire S forum - which hardly has anyone looking at it as the phone's so new. The answer might or might not be the same for the vanilla Wildfire, so is it ok to start a thread in that forum linking to the Wildfire...
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    Help People widget - alternative actions?

    Just got my Wildfire S - first smartphone - and am loving it :) I've added some contacts to the People Widget and set a default action - but I can't figure out how to choose an alternative action - e.g. call someone whose default action is to send a message. Any ideas? Thank :)
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    Hello :)

    Just bought my first smartphone - a Wildfire S It's lovely :)