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    How to prevent auto-creation of empty dirs on new sdcard?

    I put a new SDcard into the second slot of my Android 9 Samsung tablet and found some time later a lot of new, empty directories on it.e.g.: /Android/data/com.samsung.android.appsimplesharing /Android/data/ch.smalltech.battery.free /Android/data/com.google.android.youtube...
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    How to copy files WinPC--->Smartphone over USB WITH orig. timestamp? change afterwards?

    Assume I connected my WinPC with my Androdi SmartPhone over USB cable. Access is working in general. I can see files on my Smartphone. Now I drag &drop some files from my Windows Explorer to the SmartPhone. The copy operation works in general. Unfortunately the timestamp of the files on my...
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    Folder content not visible any more through USB-; Re-Show?

    On Android v7 there was a folder in root directory called "data". I created in the past some subfolders and copied some files there. When I connected from WinPC to the smartphone through USB cable I could see all these folders and files successfully in WinExplorer. So it must work somehow...
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    How to priorize/set default Wifi connection?

    Assume I can (from my smartphone with Android 7) connect to 2 different WiFi-routers. I prefer exactly one of them. The other one should only be selected when the first one is down. So when I connect to my favorite WiFi then leave the office and return back later Android switched automatically...
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    Searching App for tracking a route and save it into *.gpx file

    I am searching for an Android App which let me track a route and save it at the end into a *.gpx file. I tried a couple of navigation Apps (like MapFactor, Here, ...) but they do not offer such a basic feature. Maybe someone here in this forum can recommend one app. If possible this App...
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    Help How to connect faster from Win-PC to SmartPhone?

    After connecting my Win 7 notebook though USB cable with my old Moto G SmartPhone the device AND folders were visible in WinExplorer after approx.20 seconds. Now I bought a new smartphone Huawei. When I do the same procedure here the successful connect last approx 5 minutes! Even pressing F5...
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    Tablet (display) consumes more power than charging supplies?

    I bought recently a new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 LTE tablet. At a akku/battery level of 62% I plugged in the power cable and continued to work on Android 6.0 Nothing extraordinary (no video) just some tapping and writing. Much to my surprise after approx 10 to 15 minutes the battery level was...
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    Help drag down 2 times notification bar: name and adding these shortcuts?

    Assume I drag down the notification bar at the top two times. Then some kind of shortcuts become visible: brightness slider, auto-rotate, Torch, Location,... How are they officially called? As far as I know Widgets are only those which are placed on the homescreen but not inside the...
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    Help Does Signal use ZRTP or OTR for encryption?

    Does Signal use ZRTP OR OTR for encryption? Or do Signal both? OTR for texting and ZRTP for voice calls? In articles I read this does not become clear. Peter
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    Signal/TextSecure passphrase for encryption of stored msgs or for encrypting calls?

    When I go to Signal App (formerly TextSecure) then I can enter a passphrase there. For what exactly is this passphrase? Is it only to encrypt locally stored msgs or is it as well for encrypting a live call/conversation? In other words: Can I perform an encrypted voice call WITHOUT having to...
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    Help set date format dd.mm.yyyy in Android v5.1. despite GUI-language=english?

    The GUI language of my Android 5.1 (!) system is english. The default format therefore mm/dd/yyyy I want to switch to (european) date format dd.mm.yyyy As far as I know in earlier Android versions like 5.0.2 this was possible in menu settings-->date & time However in Android v5.1 I do not...
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    Help Origin of white text on black background: "No photos selected"?

    Occasionally when I look after a while of inactivity on my Android 5.1 SmartPhone screen then a white text on black background is visible: "No photos selected". See attached snapshot: I don't know where this comes from. It seems to be not a real screensaver In the past I did not see this...
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    Help How to suppress first notification type/location but allow second?

    As you know there are TWO notification types resp. locations: The first in the notification bar at the top (see "(1)" in the attached snapshot and the second on the welcome/login screen (whats the official name ?) see "(2)" on the attached snapshot. So how do I allow the first type of...
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    Searching call recorder app which really records partner voice

    I tried now a couple of wide spread call recorder apps to record not only my own but also the partners voice during a call. I tried so far: - CleverMobile Call Recorder Call Recorder – Android-Apps auf Google Play - FourFox Automatic Call Recorder AUTOMATIC Call Recorder – Android-Apps auf...
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    Help Show battery runtime and NOT empty time (on Lollipop)?

    After having updated to Lollipop I observered a curious change in battery statistic information. In former KitKat the battery page shows the current runtime (e.g. 2 days 3 hours 45 min) and battery level (e.g.45%). Since Lollipop it shows the approximate time my smartphone will run until it is...
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    Searching sticker & reminder App with TWO (=event & alert time options) ?

    I am currently using wide spread ColorNote App. I like it except one important feature: I can enter only the time of the event e.g. 09:15 on Tuesday When I activate (resp. convert the event into a) reminder then a popup alert appears at exactly 09:15 Which is obviously useless because...
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    How to perform an App update?

    Assume that I received a notification that App XXX has an update available. This event is indicated by a tiny icon in the notification area in the upper left corner of the Home Screen. At first I swiped away this entry/notification icon. Later I decided to install the update anyway. How...
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    How does Google Device Manager get my location?

    As you know it is possible through Google to locate my smartphone (and remote delete content) provided I have enabled the device manager. Now assume I login to https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager How does Google get the location information in detail? Does it send a one-time request...
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    How to password protect my device manager?

    Currently I have my device manager activated in order to be able to locate it later accasionally. I have read I can password protect thisactivation (and all device manager settings). Where/How EXACTLY can I setup a password for device manager? Is there a difference between the full...
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    How to find (and change) hidden media modus MTP folders?

    As you may know Android can not only hide files and folders in the classic Linux way by prepending a "." before the name. It provides also an attribute for so called "system media modus MTP folders" to protect such system folders. 1.) How can I find such folders on my smartphone? 2.) How...
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    In which file does Android put the contacts data?

    In which file (and path) does Android put the contacts data entries? Is this a *.vcf file or has it another extension?
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    searching file manager which allows file deletes, moves, copys

    I downloaded the popular "FileManager" App but had to recognize that it cannot delete,move,copy files. Is there another file manager which allow these oeprations? Peter
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    Purpose of "Downloads" App? Uninstallable without side effect?

    When I look into my new SmartPhone I found a "Downloads" App? For what kind of Downloads do I need this App? Downloads through Chrome browser are handled by Chrome App. Downloads by Google Play are handled by Play Store App Downloads by email are handled by E-Mail App. So which Downloads...
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    Search Non-Helium/Titanium Backup for Contacts+SMS?

    Which Backup App is recommended BESIDE Helium/Titanium which does NOT require Root and backups contacts/SMS? Ultimate Backup Tool App for example does NOT backup my incoming/outgoing SMS
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    How to reset Battery statistics?

    When I go to Settings-->Battery then there is a statistic which component used how much of the power in the past. Over which period of time is the statistic calculated? Beginning with the last power-on? Beginning since the last battery charging? Moving average over the last n days...