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    Root Padfone - can root?

    Hi all, Can anyone advise if I can root the Asus padfone and how? Thanks.
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    Help weird problem with SMS

    Something very strange just happened with my SGS. I received 2 SMSes almost at the same time from my wife. However, while the first SMS appeared correctly in my wife's conversation, the 2nd one appeared in another conversation, say Mr X's. When I go to Mr X's conversation, I can see that SMS...
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    Help Vibration mode => SMS no vibration?

    I was in a meeting and set the phone to vibration mode via the notification panel. I noticed that the phone will only vibrate if a call comes in, but not SMS. Is this correct? Cause in my previous phone, so long as I am in vibration mode, every event (call, SMS, reminder, email etc) will cause...
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    Help Some help needed on Sprite Migrate

    Hi all, I just got my Samsung Galaxy S today. This is my first Android phone. I have been on WM for the past 5 years. I have been trying to setup the contacts on the phone and tearing out chunks of hair in the process. I need some help from anyone who used Sprite Migrate to transfer the...